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Rep. Drake Introduces Border Security Amendments to Dream Act


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WASHINGTON, D.C. - House Minority Leader Christopher Drake (R-NY-2) proposed several amendments to Democratic House Majority Leader Litzy Gonzalez's Dream Act. The Dream Act would grant amnesty to so-called DREAMers, illegal immigrants who were brought to the United States as very young children and grew up in our schools and cities. Representative Drake supports the Dream Act, but he believes that securing the border is an urgent matter, especially since offering forms of amnesty could incentivize more border surges. Since he believes that both border security improvements and support for Dreamers can be areas of compromise and common ground, Drake introduced several amendments to the bill which would include increased border security measures along with the normal Dream Act provisions. 

In a statement, Representative Drake said, "I support Dreamers. They were brought here as little children, and most of them can't even remember any of their life outside of the US. They go to our schools, contribute to our communities, they support and serve our country. However, many in my caucus and in the public aren't so ready, and more importantly, passing the Dream Act could incentivize more surges at the border at a time of huge crisis. Border states have been dealing with that for months, years really, and we need some solutions. Common-sense people on both sides have been proposing this kind of compromise for years--border security and congressional DACA put together. I think it makes sense, the American people think it makes sense, so I say let's make it happen. We have a real chance for progress that both sides of the aisle can be satisfied with here, and I think we should take it. The ball is in the Democrats' court. I hope they follow the will of the people."

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Christopher Drake

Republican, NY-2

Speaker of the United States House of Representatives

Former Chief Administrator - Rounds 4 & 5, Evil Arch-Conservative, Frequent Republican Player


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