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Supreme Court Justices


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Photo Name Title Birthdate Appointed By
image.png.e9ae059be61c6ff289589a68137b0474.png John Roberts Chief Justice January 27, 1955 George W. Bush
image.png.3286a2a86bf2ff467689abfbb8298d6f.png Antonin Scalia Associate Justice March 11, 1936 Ronald Reagan
image.png.81cd5adb9862ec32cce2306fa4f9f746.png Anthony Kennedy Associate Justice July 23, 1936 Ronald Reagan
image.png.ecdcab4049e6f9e3b750120457555614.png Clarence Thomas Associate Justice June 23, 1948 George H. W. Bush
image.png.b7968c7383210255f2fbe118562c6a2f.png Ruth Bader Ginsburg Associate Justice March 15, 1933 Bill Clinton
image.png.bdaa6fe75fc2d50971470200a340bf6f.png Stephen Breyer Associate Justice August 15, 1938 Bill Clinton
image.png.8326d75aa2dcddbe2a19b1e00631f8a1.png Samuel Alito Associate Justice April 4, 1950 George W. Bush
image.png.c9e73738703efe7859ed67ecadf437f7.png Sonia Sotomayor Associate Justice June 25, 1954 Barack Obama
image.png.71977457eca8eb4934bbe8122dd157e8.png Elena Kagan Associate Justice April 28, 1960 Barack Obama
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