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Capital Punishment for Terrorists and Mass Shooters Act

Steven Andrews

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(1) Classifies any incident where three or more people are killed, or an attempt is made to kill "multiple people indiscriminately" in any public venue or place of employment (other than self-employment) or place of worship, where self-defense cannot be claimed as a defense, as terrorism under federal law.

(2) Makes any crime under (1) where someone is killed a capital offense.

(3) Directs that the Department of Justice *shall* file capital charges in any case that qualifies under (2) where the relevant state/local prosecutor does not choose to do so or cannot do so because of local law.

(4) Permits the Department of Justice to "plead out" a case only in the event of cooperation on the part of the defendant(s) with a federal or state investigation of "similar or greater gravity, seriousness, or magnitude" to this level of charge.

Edited by Steven Andrews

Andrew Byrd (and family), Virginia

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