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Congressman Diaz Calls for Protests at Chinese Embassies, Consulates

Steven Andrews

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Characters Referenced: Juan "Jack" Diaz

Speaking to the press in Washington, DC, Congressman Juan "Jack" Diaz called for protestors to block the streets in front of Chinese embassies and consulates throughout the Winter Olympics in protest of China's actions in Hong Kong, Xinjiang, and elsewhere in the world.

"It is abundantly clear that the government of Red China is not going to allow any sort of protests to take place in China or Hong Kong during the Olympics.  So I am calling on patriotic Americans - particularly patriotic Chinese-Americans who are tired of their communities being used as a front for the Red Chinese government - to turn up at those consulates for protests, whether or not the local governments issue permits or not."  Diaz went on to clarify that he did "not support breaking any laws other than unreasonably and unequally applied anti-protest laws."

"The governments of these six cities were more than accommodating when 'mostly peaceful' protestors descended on them, looting and burning buildings back in 2020.  I'd like to think that the most glaring human rights abuses of this era - those going on in Red China - would deserve the same right of protest.  I hope that the municipal governments of Washington, New York, and San Francisco in particular will be understanding."

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Andrew Byrd (and family), Virginia

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