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Inflation Threatens Economic Security, Administration and House Majority Looks the Other Way


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Characters Referenced: Charles Taylor Markham III (R-VA) Joe Biden Litzy Gonzalez Nancy Pelosi


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Washington, DC | Inflation rates have risen to 6.2 percent between October 2020 and October 2021 in the United States, threatening the economic security of middle class Americans and small and medium businesses across the country. Inflation eats away at the value of money, meaning that savings count for less over the years; it also indicates a rise in the regular household expenses in America. A high inflation rate means high prices for everyday goods, and it means that the hard-won savings of the American public will not count for as much when they reach retirement age. The Federal Reserve has an informal inflation target of 2 percent, meaning that the current rate is three-times higher than the maximum acceptable rate.

"Inflation has been allowed, by various mechanisms of mismanagement, to run absolutely rampant," said Virginia Congressman, Charles Markham. "It is a threat to the retirement savings of all but the richest Americans, and it makes it especially hard on low-earning American households to make ends meet. This should be the number one priority of any policymaker in the country, but House majority Democrats and the Biden administration have shown us that their top priority is waging yet another, tiring war against the second amendment rights of the American people."

House Minority Leader, Litzy Gonzalez, and Speaker Nancy Pelosi demonstrated their backwards priorities on Capitol Hill today as the House met to debate the first bill of the new session of Congress: HR 1 - The Universal Background Checks Act. The bill would cut through the Second Amendment rights of the American public, in itself an unacceptable policy, while ignoring the impending economic catastrophe signalled by climbing inflation rates.

"Inflation is higher today than it was before the 2008 economic crash," says Markham. "This should be setting off alarm bells for majority policymakers and the economic team at the White House. But, instead of a comprehensive plan to tackle run-away inflation rates, we see an ideologically-driven attack on 2A rights come out as the first policy of the new, ultra-progressive Democrat leadership team." 


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