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Gonzalez Introduces Dream Act


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From the Office of Democratic Representative Litzy Gonzalez

Today I have introduced the Dream Act into the House hopper, which would allow immigrant students without lawful status who were brought here as children and grew up in the United States to earn lawful permanent residence and eventually American citizenship.

These young people, known as Dreamers, have lived in America since they were children, built their lives here, and are American in every way except for their immigration status. However, under current law there is often no chance for them to ever become citizens and fulfill their potential.

During the years of the Trump administration, the vicious targeting of our most vulnerable immigrant communities cultivated a climate of apprehension, uncertainty, and fear, For far too long, Dreamers and others have waited in limbo and lived with the fear of being deported from the only country they know as home. Dreamers were brought to this country as children. Many are unaware they are undocumented until they apply for college, and many more have felt the need to keep their status a secret out of fear of deportation.

In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, more than 200,000 DACA recipients are "essential critical infrastructure workers". Among these essential workers are 41,700 DACA recipients in the health care industry. It would be an American tragedy to deport these brave and talented essential workers after all they have done in service to our country.

The Dream Act would allow these young people to earn lawful permanent residence and eventually American citizenship if they:

  • Came to the United States as children and are without lawful status;
  • Graduate from high school or obtain a GED;
  • Pursue higher education, work lawfully for at least three years, or serve in the military;
  • Pass security and law enforcement background checks and pay a reasonable application fee;
  • Demonstrate proficiency in the English language and a knowledge of United States history; and
  • Have not committed a felony or other serious crimes and do not pose a threat to our country.

When polled, 74% of Americans support giving Dreamers permanent legal status in the United States. At a time when many conservatives claim "nobody wants to work anymore" deporting some of the hardest working people in our country makes absolutely no sense. President Biden was elected under the promise of giving legal status to Dreamers and this act would help fulfill that promise. It is high time we one last time legislatively say that Dreamers are here to stay!

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Democratic Representative Litzy Gonzalez

Texas Congressional District 35

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