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Hawthorne Calls for Calm and Respect for Freedom in Response to Omicron


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Hawthorne Calls for Calm and Respect for Freedom in Response to Omicron

WASHINGTON, D.C. - In response to news of the Omicron variant's spread, Congresswoman Holly Hawthorne (R-AK) called for calm and respect for freedom in both federal and state efforts to stop the spread of the new variant. The Congresswoman released the following statement:

"Of course it's worrying to hear reports of this new variant, and it has many Americans rattled, but we have to remain calm and look at the facts in front of us. In most cases symptoms have been mild, far milder than the Delta variant, and it looks like vaccines are still effective in preventing serious disease. This is not the time to lose confidence in the American people's resilience or let concerns turn into overreaction and plunge us into another economic downturn. I urge President Biden to make it even clearer there will be no more lockdowns, not just that there are 'none planned.' Both the federal government and the states must avoid drastic actions to limit Americans' freedom and bodily autonomy, such as more mask mandates, vaccine mandates, or lockdowns that target the unvaccinated like we're unfortunately seeing in Europe. For much of this pandemic, Alaska led the nation in COVID-19 response efforts. We've had setbacks, and of course every loss is felt deeply, but Alaska is still among the lowest in COVID-19 death rates. We did it without mandates, and we reopened far earlier than most states. Alaska should serve as a model for encouraging health and safety, not imposing mandates, and trusting the American people to make the best decisions for themselves and their families."

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Senator Holly Hawthorne (R-AK)

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