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Klide Schmidt


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2 hours ago, snowDrift said:

Name: Klide Schmidt
Home State: Virginia
Political Philosophy: Moderate Conservative


Birth Year: 1987
Education Level: Professional Degree/Doctorate
Previous Occupation: Military
Wealth: Upper Class



Race: Multiracial or Biracial
Gender: Male
Religion: Atheist
Family Structure: Bisexual, unmarried






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Starting Attributes
Experience Name Recognition Wealth Charisma
55 20 40 35
Welcome to the game! Check out the Quests for beneficial rewards to add to these starting attributes.
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Due to player inactivity, this character now becomes a NPC. I won't be actively tracking it right now, but it may be used as a normal NPC in the future. The player can also sign back in at any time.

Klide Schmidt House 65 30 50 45


Klide Schmidt     $348,000
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