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Rural America Needs Support
Democrats' attacks on rural America are multi-channel; only Republicans will protect the rural way of life

[New Iberia, LA] Senate Democrats have been vocally anti-rural as the 2016 session of congress has begun. This takes shape in two distinct ways: first, in their attacks against the second amendment which threaten the rural way of life; and second in their attacks against the protection of the rural voice in government by threatening to redistrict the United States House of Representatives strictly along population lines. The latter attack is most concerning because it is less obviously an attack against the country way of life, but represents an attempt to essentially disenfranchise rural Americans. "The threat to rural life is real; in the last decade, Democrats have become increasingly aggressive in their attacks on rural America. We have seen it ramp up now to the point of attempting to disenfranchise rural Americans by removing some of the safeguards ensuring that they are validly represented in government," says Senator Robert Tillman, a former vegetable and livestock farmer. "This is not the first time we have seen this particular attack, but the vigor and aggression being displayed are cause for concern."

If the Fair Maps Act of 2016 passes into law, it will compound an already-massive imbalance in the voices of rural and urban populations by significantly reducing the number of rural seats in the House of Representatives in favor of urban districts. "The so-called 'Fair' Maps Act represents a concerted effort by Democrats to minimize the voices of those who least support them; if this is their definition of fairness, then I would hate to see what they would consider an unfair overstep. America's countryside deserves preservation and the men and women who live their deserve to have their voices heard in Washington just as much as anyone in urban and sub-urban regions. What the Democrats call gerrymandering is, in all reality, the preservation and protection of rural voters' rights, and I am not ashamed to stand behind that," said Tillman. "As a rural man myself, whose career and life's work was in agriculture, I know first hand the daily struggles of living outside of major urban centers; I believe we should be working in Congress to ensure that those challenges are minimized, not added to. There is no other way to say it: Democrats want to make rural life impossible in America because rural Americans do not share their cosmopolitan worldview. Republicans will not stand for that; we will continue to protect and defend rural America."

Cordially Yours,

William Grant of Maryland, and Family

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