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Objective: Referral Bonus

Reward: + $1 million


Having fun playing GPS? It'd be even more fun to play with your friends!

If you refer someone to the game using your referral link and they complete all New Player Quests, reply to this thread to receive $1 million per new player. When an admin confirms you have completed the quest, he or she will react to your post with a green check-mark and update your cash on hand.

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1 hour ago, Grundy said:

Name: Rooster Rudd
Home State: Virginia
Political Philosophy: Environmentalist


Birth Year: 1965
Education Level: Bachelor's Degree
Previous Occupation: Journalism/Entertainment
Wealth: Upper-Middle Class



Race: White or Caucasian
Gender: Male
Religion: Buddhist
Family Structure: Bisexual, unmarried





Born and raised in the hollers of Southwest Virginia, Robert "Rooster" Rudd attended Georgetown University (we he received a degree in journalism) during the height of the "DC Punk Scene", becoming known as a "punk zine" writer during his time in and after college even as he became a Congressional staffer to several Democratic Congressmen. Despite proving adept at both PR and legislation drafting, after a few years in this he left politics to focus on his growing journalism career, building a name for himself with alternative weeklies in the DC-Baltimore area and the like as a lifestyle, culture, and political "Gonzo Journalist" and columnist. He later retreated back to his hometown of Norton, Virginia to found a weekly paper which quickly built a regional cult following for its unvarnished, uncensored takes on the world of politics. In 2024, having long abandoned party politics and having exclusively supported third party candidates since Perot in '92, he was inspired by the swift rise of the Prime Future Party to seek political office for the first time, winning in Virginia's 9th Congressional district using his devout cult following as a basis to win in a three way race preaching a future beyond coal for coal country. 



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this is my boy 

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Blackstone Chase
New York - Continental Party
Secretary of Foreign Affairs
Former member of the House of Representatives
Founder, the Continental Party
Co-Founder, the Columbian Society

Orlando Chase
New York - Continental Party
House of Representatives

Porter Chase
New York - Continental Party
Editor, The Continental Examiner
Managing Partner, Chase & Sons

Formerly Titan Chase the Younger

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