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On 8/25/2019 at 12:24 AM, Brady said:

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Brady Callahan Live - "Vengeance is Mine, Sayeth the President? Kate's Law Vetoed"

Brady Callahan: Time now for a segment we call The Zoo, where we bring you two of the most political animals the two major parties have to offer -- party animals, if you will -- who duke it out and tell you the viewer why they're right and the other side is wrong. Occasionally we even stumble upon the truth somewhere in between the partisan dividing lines.

Our topic tonight: Vengeance is mine, sayeth the President? That's what some Republicans and media outlets are wondering aloud after President Christina Tillman's veto of Kate's Law, coming on the heels of the Senate's rejection of the President's nominee for Attorney General, John Alexander.

Joining me tonight to talk about it: He's the former Communications Director for Senate Majority Whip Adam Bishop's 2014 campaign for the U.S. Senate in Iowa, and now he's a Lone Star News political analyst -- Joe Quincy, thanks for being with us. She's the former Social Media Director for the Texas Democratic Party and now she's a Democratic political consultant -- Maria Ramos, good to have you here.

Let's get started. Joe, do you think this veto was really about the Alexander nomination?

Joe Quincy: It was absolutely about the Senate rejecting John Alexander. Look, Brady, what other reason could there be? This is a commonsense bill that increases penalties for illegal reentry to the United States. Its harshest penalties are reserved for criminal offenders who reenter the country illegally, illegal immigrants who committed crimes while they were here and have since been deported. This isn't a bill that targets all illegal immigrants, it goes after bad hombres who have no respect for our laws and threaten the safety of Americans. In the Senate the bill had unanimous support from Republicans as well as the votes of Montana Senator Camille Provonost and six other Democrats for cloture. If this wasn't about political retribution, what else was it?

Callahan: Well Maria, what else was it?

Maria Ramos: Well it certainly wasn't political retribution for the Alexander nomination, unless President Tillman is a fortune teller and knew the Senate would reject him back when she voted against this bill during her time in the Senate. President Tillman vetoed this bill because she believes the best approach to addressing the many flaws in our immigration system is to comprehensively reform immigration. She made that clear in her tweet after vetoing the bill. This piecemeal approach -- a restriction here, a restriction there -- allows Republicans to advance their agenda without giving up anything in return. Do we need to deal with reentry by criminal offenders? Yes. But we also need to stop leaving law-abiding undocumented immigrants in limbo and humanely address their situation.

Quincy: If Tillman really wanted to get comprehensive immigration reform done, she'd be working with Republicans. You're not going to get an immigration overhaul through a Republican-controlled Senate without working with Republican leadership. But we heard from Senator Bishop earlier today that the White House hasn't been consulting Republican leadership about immigration reform.

Callahan: What about that, Maria? Should President Tillman be working with Republicans on this legislation in advance?

Ramos: Well, look, we don't know the White House's timetable. They've got to work it out among themselves before they can realistically bring Republicans to the table. But I'll also point out we already have a process for achieving bipartisan compromise in the Senate, it's called Senate debate. Obviously Senate Republicans will have the opportunity to offer amendments to any bill introduced.

Quincy: But your chances are obviously better if compromises are ironed out in advance behind closed doors.

Ramos: Maybe, but there's something to be said for having this debate out in the open in full view of the American people.

Callahan: Quickly, because we're running short on time -- how likely do you think it is we'll see immigration reform pass?

Quincy: With a President who refuses to sign Kate's Law, leaving American families and communities in danger? It's not happening.

Ramos: With this Congress? I'm not optimistic.

Callahan: Bipartisan agreement on something here tonight, how ironic. *chuckles* I'll give you both the last word. Maria first, then Joe.

Ramos: We can't leave undocumented immigrants in limbo forever. These are hard working, law-abiding families we're talking about -- kids, and parents, and grandparents, who just want to pursue the American Dream. President Tillman is obviously prepared to put comprehensive immigration reform front and center, coming to a congressional chamber near you, and it's time for Republicans to meet her halfway.

Quincy: With respect, we're not just talking about hard working, law-abiding families, we're also talking about repeat criminal offenders like José Inez García Zárate, the man charged with shooting Kate Steinle, who has been convicted of multiple felonies and deported five times. Kate's Law would protect Americans from criminals like that, and Tillman vetoed it. Not a good start for an immigration reform push, to say the least.

Callahan: Joe Quincy, Maria Ramos, thank you both for being here tonight. I'm sure we'll be seeing this debate play out in Congress soon.

Senator Holly Hawthorne (R-AK)

@HollyHawthorne | Join the Freedom Caucus!

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