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Tillman: "Rally for Seniors" in St. Petersburg, FL


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"St. Pete! It is great to be here in the sunshine state. Many Americans travel and move to this state because of the sunshine and it is a destination to retire. The ability to retire is the ultimate climax to the American dream. We work our entire lives for the hope of being able to kick back, play with grand kids, and enjoy our finest years. One of the most fundamental pieces that allows this to come to fruition is Medicare. Medicare is one of the greatest accomplishments in our history. It is a promise to our seniors that they can retire with the knowledge that they will have health insurance and without the worry of additional economic burden. This allows for our seniors to focus on retirement and enjoying their golden years. This is a promise that we have made to our seniors and it is a promise that I will uphold as President. My opponent Senator Granata does not feel that this promise should be kept. He promised that if elected he would cut funding to Medicare. This is entirely unacceptable and we can not allow Granata to break our promise that we have made to our seniors, not here in Florida or anywhere else.  In November, join me and together we can fulfill our promise to our seniors."  


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