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Senator Grant Pinnacle



Dear Colorado,

It hasn’t been long since I was last in this wonderful state, sharing the Republican Vision for our nation. Our commitment to protecting your First and Second Amendment rights, lowering your out-of-pocket prescription drug prices, and representing American Interests each day. I shared with you the core Republican values which guide the Senate Majority: liberty, opportunity, and security. I shared some of the accomplishments made under GOP leadership, withstanding Democratic obstruction.

Today, I’m not here to share anything sadly *chuckles*, but rather to ask you for something. And it’s a big something:

I need you all to get out and elect Lt. Colonel Bill Bloom to the U.S. Senate Majority. For way too long you have had a Senator who—according to his record—fights against progress, who fights against reconciliation and bipartisanship, and frankly who fights against you. Senator Bloom—based on his record—will fight for every person and every family in Colorado, and will be a tremendous asset to the Senate Majority as we move America forward.

As Senate Republicans work to address and improve America’s tax system, immigration and opioid crises, economic failures, and crumbling healthcare system we hope to have Bill Bloom’s experience and guidance on our side; and pray that Colorado supports him this November.

God bless y’all.

Congress & Supreme Court Admin

Admin NPCs:
Rep. Derek H. Gray (D-TX-20)

Speaker of the House & Democratic Party Chair


The Hon. John Roberts

Chief Justice of the Supreme Court

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