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Tillman: "Rally for Unity" in Atlanta, GA


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"Atlanta! It is great to be here with you this evening. We are just some time after the convention and our message of togetherness is resonating with the American people. For the first time since 1992 we have a great shot at winning Georgia. Our campaign is full of momentum and I am excited about what the future has in store. Tonight I want to talk about the direction that we headed as a country. Granata republicans have ignored the struggles of the people of Georgia for years. During the recession, when you were losing your jobs, your homes, and your cars they sat back and said, “the market will fix itself.” Now 8 years later that is still the same messaging we hear. We all remember too well the mess that type of governing causes. It is that same laissez-faire mindset that caused the great depression and the most recently the recession. Granata's economic policies are just an extension of the Bush administration, and will only continue to divide our country. In speeches given around the country, he has said numerous times that he will reverse all the progress we have made. Just look at some of the Republican proposals. Proposals like their plan to cut taxes on corporations and repeal the estate tax. Republicans claim it is to help the middle class, but the only group that is benefiting is the top 1% and if enacted would create huge budget deficits passing the bill onto working Georgians. Our country has come too far forward to turn to failed policies again. The only way we prevent a recession of policy is by continuing our progress together. We are stronger together. We must unify as a country bringing Progressives, Moderates, and Conservatives together. For far too long, we have been divided as a country. There will have moments where we do not agree with each other, but our democracy will hold us together. I taught my college students that the foundation of our country is a great collaboration. We are only as strong those around us and it is time, we remember all unites us. Lincoln famously said, “A house divided against itself cannot stand.” Unfortunately, more times than not in politics we have seen that very outcome. Our country is divided, and it is our job to bridge that gap. This country deserves leaders that will strengthen our country rather than ripping it further apart and we only have one path to achieving this outcome. That is a Tillman/Hayden White House. "


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