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Bill Bloom



Good evening, Fort Collins! Lovely being back here in Larimer County.

As an airman and officer in the Air Force during the Persian Gulf conflict, I learned a lot about fighting. Not just about fighting against someone but about fighting for something. Fighting to protect the greatest country on God’s green earth from foreign threats; fighting to strengthen domestic liberty—the core of our Americanism; and fighting to disavow people in power who show no focus, no care, and no initiative.

Fort Collins: you deserve a Senator who’s got your back and who will always fight for you, not against you.

Our current Senator—Mr. Powell—in his time in D.C. had instigated polarization between Democrats and Republicans as Minority Leader, pledged to outlaw prayer in schools, and sought to end competition and the free market in defense of Socialism. Senator Powell’s “party-above-people” record isn’t just an embarrassment to our state, it’s dangerous. That’s why I’m in this fight.

This fight is for a new opportunity. To elect a Senator who will

    • support the development of our military infrastructure to keep our offensive and defensive capabilities prepared to take on new global challenges;

    • support immigration reform that, first, keeps Americans safe, and second, improves the system of migration and refuge in this Land of Opportunity;

    • protect business owners, bring back manufacturing jobs, lower individual taxes, and trust American consumers to drive the economy; and

    • protect your right to pray, celebrate your liberty, and exercise your First and Second Amendment rights.

I’m here to fight for the people of Larimer, and Jefferson, and El Paso, and Mesa, and Weld, and communities all across Colorado, because you are worth the fight.

Congress & Supreme Court Admin

Admin NPCs:
Rep. Derek H. Gray (D-TX-20)

Speaker of the House & Democratic Party Chair


The Hon. John Roberts

Chief Justice of the Supreme Court

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