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Senator Madison Champions Constitutional Rights in St. Louis, MO


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Senator Michael Madison Champions Constitutional Rights in St. Louis

Official Record

A few days ago, Senator Madison spoke in St. Louis, Missouri, about the importance of defending the Constitution and attacks on the rights of the people at a Republican rally. He promised to defend Americans' 1st and 2nd Amendment rights foremost, since they are under the heaviest assault.

"Greetings, St. Louis! Nice to see such a nice turnout here in the Gateway to the West. St. Louis is such a historied city with a fantastic story and fantastic sights. We aren't all from St. Louis though. There are many in the crowd from Cape Girardeau, St. Charles, Columbia, Kansas City, Springfield (like me), Joplin, all over Missouri! To everyone, I wish to give you a warm welcome. We all know why we are here at this convention, but first, let us bow our heads and pray:

Heavenly Father,

Thank you for our lives. You gave your only begotten Son so that we may live today, unshackled from sin if we accept you. We owe all to you. You have blessed this nation with so much: a notion of eternal rights gifted from you, a working democratic process, the rule of law, abundant resources and wealth. We have you to thank for all that we are and ever will be. Father, we ask you today to guide our nation forward as you always have and lead us to our best years. We ask that we fulfill your plan. Thank you, Hallowed Father.

In the name of your glorious Son,


In this nation, we believe that God gives us rights. Thomas Jefferson, in the Declaration of Independence, wrote that these rights were to 'life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness'. He borrowed that from John Locke, who wrote that we had God-given rights that pre-existed government, and that we formed governments to protect those rights. Those rights, in Locke's words, were 'life, liberty, and property.' Any way you phrase it, this idea was the one that forged our very nation. Government is founded to protect our rights, but should government become destructive of those rights, it is the duty of the people to modify their government or abolish it. We had to throw off the British because of their tyranny, and we would establish a system of republican government that lasts to this day.

We codified in our Constitution certain rights that were deemed especially sacred, rights that were thought to particularly be in danger. One of these was freedom of speech. The idea that we should be able to say what we want to say how we want to say it is fairly novel in history. Freedom of speech has not been around for very long, and since the West brought protection of freedom of speech into the mainstream of its governments, it has been under attack. Today, that remains the case. We hear calls for criminalizing 'hate speech' and cultural leaders seek the new fads in political correctness and being 'woke'. I reject that. Our nation has rejected the idea of hate speech laws, because there just isn't anyway to square that circle within the frame of freedom of speech, which our nation values so much. We reject the cultural elites telling us what we can and can not say, especially when they have arbitrary and confusing parameters designed to weaken their enemies (which is right from INGSOC's playbook). As Senator, I have stood for free speech, and I will continue to do so until the day I leave Washington. 

Another important freedom is the freedom of religion, the freedom to worship whomever you please however as you please. This sounds like common sense, but throughout history, one religious group has persecuted another or multiple other religious groups should they come to power. Indeed, we see this even today, especially in places like the Middle East. We see it in China as well. We are seeing the beginnings of it today in the US. Today, militant secular elites want to force religious Americans out of their worship, 'If you don't want to be involved in a gay wedding because you believe that homosexuality is sinful, then you are a hypocritical bigot,' they say. 'We will force you to bake that cake. Do it or else.' Poor Mr. Phillips of Colorado is fighting for his faith and business in court because a vindictive couple sued him because he didn't want to make a custom wedding cake for them. Never mind that he doesn't make cakes for other activities he believes sinful, like divorce or Halloween. Never mind that he offered them pre-made cakes. Never mind that he pointed them to other cake shops that could service them. The Colorado Civil Rights Commission has become an instrument of anti-Christian bigotry aimed at forcing everyone to accept the secular state's view of how they should worship. Unacceptable. 

After these liberties came the codification of the right to bear arms. Despite the amendment being clear that the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed, the Left has nonetheless mangled the amendment to fit their twisted ends and tried to shove through gun control measure after gun control measure, Really, it just shows how out of touch they are. They can live in their coastal mansions, in their gated communities, protected by armed guards from crime. They can craft exceptions to the law for themselves. The rest of America? They can't do that. They need to be able to protect themselves from tyranny and crime. Democrats tell the American people that they don't need an AR-15 to protect themselves, but that is just wrong. They say that it is a weapon of war. Again, wrong. They don't know what they are talking about at all, but they insist on taking our guns and calling us ignorant and out of touch. Please. Read the Constitution! '...shall not be infringed' is very clear!

I will always stand and protect your God-given rights in the Senate. I will not allow for speech controls, I will not vote for religious persecution, and I will vote down every gun control measure brought before us. The Constitution, and our rights, matter, no matter how much the elite tell us they don't."

Christopher Drake

Republican, NY-2

Speaker of the United States House of Representatives

Former Chief Administrator - Rounds 4 & 5, Evil Arch-Conservative, Frequent Republican Player


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