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Tony Barilla (R-NV) Press Office


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Tony Barilla Backs Federal Land Reform

Senate candidate Tony Barilla (R-NV) announced his support for selling off much of the land owned by the federal government. 

"Few people know this, but the federal government owns 85% of the land in the state of Nevada. And that percentage is similar in many other western states. What does the federal government do with this land? Well, apart from stuff in Area 51 that I can't tell you about, mostly nothing. Very little of this land is part of a national park, monument, forest, or other special place. The vast majority of the land sits unused, unloved, and undeveloped. It generates no economic benefits or revenues for the State of Nevada. Not that this should be surprising: the federal government is the least innovative part of our society, and the least likely to come up with new ways to put this land to use."

"I believe the federal government should sell most of the land it owns in Nevada, and in other states. They should keep national parks and monuments, of course, and keep any military installations. But the run of the mill, unused land, it's time to sell that. To entrepreneurs, to state governments, to local conservation groups, etc. Think of all the ways the unused federal land in Nevada could be used. It could be sold to Uber or Google so that driverless cars and trucks could be tested there. It could be sold to energy companies that would use it to generate solar energy. It could be sold to conservation groups that could create wildlife refuges that protect endangered species. It could be sold to the states to expand state parks and create new recreation, hunting, camping, or hiking grounds for their residents. All of these things would grow the economy in Nevada and create jobs. As a bonus, selling off the land would generate revenue for the federal government that could be used to pay down the massive federal debt."

"As Nevada's next Senator, I will get the federal government out of the business of owning 85% of Nevada. We will take back our own land and put it to use that makes sense for Nevada." 

Senator John Kadar (R-WV)

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Tony Barilla Backs "All of the Above" Energy Policy

Nevada Senate candidate says fossil fuels and green energy not an either/or choice

"When Barack Obama was a Senator running for President, he said his energy policy was all of the above: that he wanted to explore both traditional sources of energy like oil and gas, and new green energies like solar and wind. I thought that was an absolutely brilliant idea (and brilliant turn of the phrase), and I think positions like that are a big reason why Obama won big in 2008, including here in Nevada. But in his eight years in the White House, Obama has not delivered the energy policy he received a mandate to implement. Instead, the Obama administration has fought a war on coal and gas, has held up the construction of pipelines it claimed to support to please radical environmentalist activists, has banned oil exploration wherever it has the power to do so, and has even toyed with taxes on energy consumption. At the same time, the Obama administration's attempts to support green energy resulted in scandals like Solyndra. The Obama administration has delivered a none of the above energy policy, and Americans have borne the cost with higher prices to cool their homes or fill up their cars."

"It's time for an actual All of the Above energy policy, and that is what I will do as your next Senator".

"First, I am going to cut red tape on energy exploration and extraction. I will make it more economical to drill for oil, frack for gas, and produce our own energy right here in America. This will create good energy jobs here in America, instead of overseas. Second, I am going to build pipelines that allow Canada to ship its energy to the United States to be refined and shipped. This will also create jobs all over the country, and lower energy costs for Americans. I will authorize drilling off the Atlantic coast of the United States and in Alaska. This will make us less reliant on foreign sources of energy, such as Russia, Venezuela, the Saudis, and so forth. My goal will be for America to become the world's #1 energy producer, which I believe we have the potential to become." 

"Second, I am going to take the tax revenue that the federal government makes from all of this expanded energy and invest it in green energy. We will invest it in more efficient solar panels, in better batteries that allow us to store green energy, and in finding out how to make electric cars and trucks that pollute less and go farther."

"Some worry that more energy produced in the United States means more pollution. They're wrong. That energy will be produced no matter what, because the market demands it. It will be produced in the United States, or it will be produced in Russia or Venezuela. Guess who has higher environmental standards? Producing energy in the United States is cleaner than producing similar energy in almost any other country."

"What about global warming, you say? Well, in my opinion the best thing we can do to prevent catastrophic climate change is to produce green energy that is efficient and scalable. My plan will do that by generating billions of dollars in new revenue for researching the energy of the future." 

"It's time for an energy policy that is based on common sense, not politics. That is what Senator Barilla will do." 

Senator John Kadar (R-WV)

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Tony Barilla Promises Comprehensive Immigration Reform

Make it easier for good immigrants to stay, criminals to get deported, says Nevada Republican 

"America's immigration policy is completely broken. And for a country built on immigration, that is a sad state of affairs. The problem is that people have bought into this idea that you can have either better border security, or more immigration. That's dumb: we can and should have both."

"There are good immigrants, who come here to follow the law, work hard, and build a better future for themselves and their families. And there are bad immigrants, who come here to commit crimes or leech off the welfare state. Common sense says we should roll out the welcome mat for the good immigrants, while deporting the bad immigrants. And that is what I want to do."

"As your next Senator, I will fight for a Comprehensive Immigration Reform package based on common sense. My immigration reform proposal will contain a path to legal status for undocumented immigrants who are contributing to this country by working and not getting in trouble with the law. It will contain a path to citizenship for DREAMers who have proven themselves to be good Americans. And it will contain provisions to make legal immigration easier and increase the number of highly educated immigrants, who can help us grow our economy and create jobs. My policy will allow millions of people from all over the globe to realize their dreams of becoming an American." 

"My immigration reform proposal will also make America safer. I will make it easier and faster for the federal government to deport illegal aliens who have committed violent crimes or been part of violent gangs. We have enough home-grown criminals, we don't need to take in any more from other countries. I will require cities and states to turn illegal aliens arrested for violent crimes over to federal authorities: there is zero legitimate reason to give sanctuary to dangerous criminals. And I will improve border security, not just with physical barriers but also with advanced technology that serves as a virtual wall. I will increase the number of border patrol agents and ICE agents to keep us safe. After all, if millions of average Joes can cross the border each year, what is stopping terrorists from doing the same?" 

"If you think we should decide immigration policy with the letter after our names, go ahead and vote for some other candidate. If you think we should decide immigration policy with our brains, vote for me."

Senator John Kadar (R-WV)

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Transcript of Tony Barilla on American-Midwest News

Nevada GOP Senate Candidate: Finding Solutions and Giving Nevadans Back Their Land

BY: Lucas Wheeler

LAS VEGAS, NV -  The Senate race in Nevada has been very close and hard-fought this election cycle, as per usual. In one of the most purple states of this nation, a strenuous contest emerges every election cycle: who will win the state's votes for President, Senator, and Representatives? This year, the frontrunner in the Senate race is Tony Barilla, a Republican who looks to flip a Democratic seat. We sat down with Mr. Barilla for a short interview session, talking about his campaign and the issues surrounding it. 

Nevada is one of the races that will decide control of the Senate. How are things going for you?

We’re trying to run a different kind of campaign, one that’s about solutions and not about partisan talking points. Our internal polls shows that it’s working - we’re attracting support not just from conservatives, but from moderates and even from people who normally vote for the Democrats. 

What are some differences in politics out in Nevada, that our viewers here in the Midwest might not know about?

One of the biggest differences is who owns the land. Your viewers in the Midwest might be shocked to learn that the federal government owns most of the land in the western United States. In Nevada, 85% of the land is owned by the federal government. Only a very small percentage of this is national parks, national monuments, military bases, or other stuff you might think of when you think of federal land. Most of it is just normal land that sits there, mostly unused, because the federal government has no idea what to do with it. Part of my campaign is to sell that land, so it can be put to good use. 

Such as?

I’d like to see entrepreneurs buy some land and use it to test self-driving cars. I’d like to see energy companies buy some land and use it to build solar panels that generate green energy. I’d like to see nature groups buy land and turn it into wildlife refuges. I’d like to see state governments buy some land and turn it into additional state parks where people can camp and have fun. Above all, I want to see this land start generating economic value instead of just sitting around. And I’m sure there are people out there who have other good ideas that I can’t even think of. That’s part of the point of getting this land out of the federal government’s hand, because the federal government isn’t good at creative thinking. 

What about immigration? That’s a big issue out west, right?

Absolutely. Nevada is a state that historically welcomes newcomers. Not only do we get a lot of immigrants from other countries, even our American-born population has a lot of people who moved here from other states to get a fresh start. A lot of our industries, like casinos and restaurants, just wouldn’t work without immigrants. But Nevadans are common sense people, they understand that not all immigrants are the same. That’s why my immigration policy is based on the idea that there are good immigrants and bad immigrants. The good immigrants are people who come to this country, follow the laws, and work hard. The bad immigrants are people who come to this country and commit crimes or join gangs. My policy is to roll out the red carpet for the good immigrants, and make it easier to deport the bad immigrants. 

Aren’t you worried your immigration policy is confusing? 

No. My policy is the policy that everyone would come up with if they sat down and devised an immigration policy based on logic instead of partisan politics. It makes sense that since our economy needs immigrants, we should make it easier to move here legally, especially for people with in-demand job skills and education. It makes sense that since we already have enough home-grown criminals, we don’t need criminals from other countries too. The politicians who should be worried about confusing the voters are politicians whose policies are not based on logic. 

As Nevada looks to send another Republican to the Senate, the nation can look forward to an interesting and novel Senator joining the ranks of the Senate Majority.

Senator John Kadar (R-WV)

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