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Elise Thorne: Campaign kickoff


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Elise Thorne spoke at River Market Amphitheater to to a sizable crowd to kickoff her Senate campaign

"Hello Arkansas! Like many of you, I have grown up in this state. I have served in the Arkansas State Senate for several years now. Many say that Democrats can't win in Arkansas anymore. They say that we've lost the position, that we don't have a chance. They're saying I'm the underdog. But I like being the underdog. Growing up in Miller County, I know that many Arkansan's feel like underdogs right now. Prices are going up, many haven't had a pay raise. The Republican Party has taken hold of the state, and then advance policies that prop up the wealthy and ignore the middle class. When Kyle Fitzgerald spoke about going after the Walton family by getting rid of the inheritance tax, I knew something had to be done. When I hear them talk about a trade war that would put Arkansas farmers and risk, I knew something had to be done. That is why today, I am announcing that I am running for Senate.

Now the Republicans are going to be running all over this state, because all of the sudden this is the threat. They're going to come down from the Iowan plains and the Missouri suburbs to tell you all sorts of lies. They're going to say that I support on demand abortion. That is a lie. I am a Christian first and a Democrat second. I abhor abortion. The problem is that we're fighting it the wrong way. I want to advance legislation that provides enough solutions for prevention and available options after, that abortion is reduced to a minimum. Safe, legal, but rare. That is my goal. We can do that very easily through means we have, rather than trying to make life harder, we can make prevention access easier. I am absolutely for decreasing abortions and keeping them legal, we can have both

They're going to say that I want to see open borders. That is a lie. three years ago we could've achieved sweeping border and immigration reform. It was the Republicans who shuffled their feet and did nothing. I'm absolutely for strong borders and a pathway to citizenship, we can have both. 


Send me to Washington. Come talk to me before you hear what everyone else has to say. Come and hear it for yourself. But don't let the GOP fool you into thinking that every Democrat is the same. We have Arkansas based solutions that can work, and we won't leave Arkansas in the dust to push our nationalist agenda. 


Thank you so much!

Calvin Ward

Senator Massachusetts- D 

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