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Campaign Kickoff: Barnabee James for Senate in Chicago Illinois


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Announcer: Ladies and gentlemen please welcome to the stage your next senator from Illinois Dr. Barnabee Luthor James the 3rd


"Thank you Ladies and Gentlemen for all coming out here tonight. And while I could pretend that you are all out here tonight for the sole purpose of supporting me I know that is in fact not the case, no you're here tonight for a bigger reason. Your here because your tired of the way Senator Anthony Grantana ignores your views and values, your tired of him being in the state only once to announce his bid for Presidency and then never even bothered to show up here even during the GOP Illinois Primary day, and your tired of his lack of action in the Senate aside from trying to rip women's rights away and demonizing those searching for a better life by immigrating to our beautiful country. Is that the way a Senator from this great state should act? It is my view as it appears is yours as well that is not the way a man wanting to represent this state should act.

A man wanting to represent this state should care about our values, reducing crime especially gun related, championing women and immigrants, and making sure everybody is on the same level playing field. And as your senator I will do just that, in fact I'll be the anti-Grantana if you will, while he demonizes immigrants I will champion them and make sure they can live out their dreams in America, while he chastises bills that would keep guns out of the hands of the criminals I will work to ensure those who illegally purchase guns are prosecuted and stopped before they ever have the chance to hurt or kill anybody. And finally I will ,make sure everybody is on a level playing field through expanding not cutting welfare, raising the wage to 15 dollars an hour cross the board instead of enforcing criminally low wage rates, and instead of giving tax breaks to the wealthiest 1% let's instead make sure they give a little more because they can and give the tax breaks to the folks who really need it.

Before I close there is one last thing I will accomplish as your Senator instead of Senator Grantana I won't say thanks guys see you in 6 years as soon as I win instead I will make round trips every month I'm in office around the entire state to listen and learn from you the people a concept lost on virtually every politician today especially our current Senator. And ladies and gentlemen all these things I guarantee I will fight daily for you and uphold your values because you not me are the people who keep our country strong and deserve to be treated as such. Thank you all for coming out tonight, God Bless you all and lets send Grantana home at long last."

Hartland: The Purification is Coming soon to a Theater near you

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