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Senator Michael Madison (R-MO) Speaks in Joplin, MO


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Senator Madison Talks About 'God, Guns, and Babies' in Joplin, Missouri

Official Record

"Hello, y'all! Nice to see such a warm Joplin welcome. Y'all have done a great job here. I remember driving through the area by Home Depot and around 20th street, seeing all of the destruction and devastation from the tornado. Joplin lost much that day, five years ago now. More than buildings: friends, family, all kinds of loved ones and precious memories. I personally visited at the time and helped with the cleanup. I donated to local churches and charities helping people and doing God's work. I am very happy to see the enormous recovery that this era has seen since then. Joplin is a resilient place with resilient, hardy people. God bless Joplin! 

I want to talk to y'all about what I have to offer you in the United States Senate. I work for you guys, and I have never forgotten that. That is why I have gone to Washington to protect your guns, protect innocent children, and protect our right to worship God. Let me, just for a few minutes, elaborate on these things, because I think they are all very important. 

So first, we have the Second Amendment. The Founding Fathers were smart people, and ultimately they realized they would have to write down our core rights in a binding document because otherwise those rights would disappear. One of those rights was the right to keep and bear arms. This has long been a treasured, important right held by Americans. We all have the right to defend ourselves: from home invaders, from rapists, from murderers, and even from the government. Yes, government can become tyrannical. This should be obvious, but those on the Left often act like that can't be the case. Look, as much as I love our brave men and women in blue, they can't be everywhere at once. People like you, really everyone in general, need to be able to protect themselves as soon as an immediate threat presents itself. We can't always make that 911 call in time. 911 can't always *get there* in time. The home invader may be heading for your room, the muggers may be hot on your trail. And in order for our government to remain *of the people*, it must be able to fear the people. Liberals like Senator Wolfe want to enact sweeping gun control to take your guns. The AR-15, all handguns, really all semi-automatic guns. They have no clue what they're talking about, but they're still coming after us on this issue. Well, I say no to gun control. The people of Missouri will keep their rifles, keep their shotguns, keep their pistols, and they will be a people resistant from tyranny. 

Then, we have abortion. Abortion is a horrible blight on this nation. It was forced on us by 7 unelected justices wearing black robes who felt they could dictate whatever happened in this country by virtue of their status. The liberal elite tell us to ignore the moral abomination that ripping apart an unborn fetus is. They tell us simultaneously that abortion is a deeply personal and private matter and that we must pay for it because...personal and private matters require your money, I guess. That is nonsense, and that is why the GOP passed the No Taxpayer Funding for Abortion Act this session, though Obama will definitely veto it. Let's face it, folks. The Democrats don't represent Missouri values anymore. 

Equally important is that our nation has forgotten its traditional values. We have governments tearing down the Ten Commandments, erasing our heritage, and persecuting Christians who dare to keep their faith in God as they operate their businesses. We shouldn't lock religious people out of business, but the Left's animus towards anything resembling Christianity dictates that it must be so. As your Senator, I will fight for your right to worship as you please in Washington. There will be nothing like the deceptively-named 'Equality' Act that passes Congress under the Republican Party. We won't force you to do business how the liberal elite in Washington and on the coasts do. Government needs to get out of the business of tearing down faith to replace it with secular orthodoxy. 

I will continue to stand for Missouri values in Washington, DC. I will fight to protect our right to worship God, our right to bear arms, and everyone's right to life."

Christopher Drake

Republican, NY-2

Speaker of the United States House of Representatives

Former Chief Administrator - Rounds 4 & 5, Evil Arch-Conservative, Frequent Republican Player


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