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2016 Democratic National Convention


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Sergeant at arms of the DNC approaches podium. "Please rise and remove your caps for the playing of our national anthem and a moment of silence. Followed by the invocation delivered by Reverend Wolfe Allenson of Missouri." @Batman




"Dear God our father thank you Lord for giving us the wisdom and strength to gather together behind our one nominee for President and her running mate. God I pray Lord that through the coming months you will continue to give us the passion and conviction to continue the work your servant President Barack Obama has done in the White House oh lord our God. Our Lord let us not be boastful in victory, but instead Lord God give soon to be President Tillman the integrity and humility to reunite this great nation. Dear God it is in your most Holy and Precious name we pray Amen!"


Chairman Calvin Ward (D-MA) approaches the podium @CWard



"Good evening Democrats! Welcome to Philadelphia, the city where our nation was birthed and we declared that a free people would cast off the irons of tyranny. Tonight, I’d like for us to do two things. You see the Republican Party have given us a taste of their platform. I want to go through what they’ve given us. We’re going to evaluate it, openly and honestly. We’re going to discuss the recent past, we’re going to discuss a way forward. But we’re going to respond to our rivals, with words and solidarity. Since in the preamble of this, we can rest assured that “this is what they’re really about”, we can also rest that we’re critiquing fairly. 

In the first section they highlight their so called desire for secure borders. They talk about a broken system, about the lack of support. That is fair. The system is broken, and the system ought to be fixed. However, we also know that three years ago. This party led a bipartisan effort to address those issues through the Gang of 8 Bill. This would’ve reformed our immigration policies, provided millions for strong border infrastructure, provided a pathway to citizenship, and ensured that our workforce is made up of either citizen or authorized migrants. The Senate passed it with overwhelming numbers, and the Republican Speaker said “no”. When they had a chance to do immigration reform on a bipartisan basis, they said no. So yes the system remains broken, yes the ongoing issues do remain. But I lay that at the feet of the Republicans and ask, “Why did you say no? You were so close, who hindered you?” The party of tough on illegal immigration, couldn’t even get out of it’s own way to pass it. And now they want more? When they had the chance, they blew it. Don’t give them a second one. The Republican Party right now is in absolute shambles. They can’t pass their legislation. They criticize bills, and then vote for them. Their own nominee was called a dud by another nominee. Send the Democrats back to the Senate. Let’s get back to work. 

They speak of wages down and tell us it’s the fault of immigrants. I agree, wages are hurting. But stop blaming the immigrants seeking asylum. Mr. Pinnacle’s constituents live on $13 every single day for food, gas, clothes, toilet paper, medicines, the basics of life. We have stood with the unions and with workers and demanded a living wage. We have asked and begged and pleaded, and the Republican Party have said “no”. So no, I do not accept that this lies solely on the heads of asylum seekers. But here is a compromise for them. Go after the corporations who hire them. Punish the companies who lie and swindle. Go after the exploiter, not the exploited. Instead of demonizing those seeking a better life, go after those who keep them down and subjugate. No, Mr. Madison, I will not join you and the other Senate Republicans on your grand immigrant scapegoating. No, Mr. Madison, I will not join you in leading a party of fear. Rather this party will be one of hope and progress. One where, it’s ok to disagree with one another on some, but we stand united to common principles. To be honest Mr. Madison, you speak of cooperation on immigration. Then let’s send the Gang of 8 bill back to the House. Let’s cooperate on immigration and do the right thing! Cooperation coming from Mr. Madison is like him talking about workers rights, I just don’t believe him. 

They then move on to talk about law enforcement. And for those who support law enforcement so much, for them to get two lines seems a little short. They are right, they did pass a bill that helped law enforcement, and certainly passed a bill that ensured that 9/11 service members would always be taken care of. I know because I wrote that bill. And they tried to amend that bill to put a death date on it. That’s not supporting law enforcement, that hurting law enforcement. We asked for the bare minimum and had to fight and get it done. But it’s this party leading the way to support 9/11 responders. 

Next, they decide to talk economics. And if they are wanting to compare results, I’m more than happy to. The last Republican president watched over the Great Recession because regulations were lax and corporate greed was high. They have already said they want to undo those regulations. In other words, what Mr. Madison is saying is “yes, we ruined the economy, the housing market, the auto industry, the banking industry, and increased the deficit. Let’s try again” To that I say, not just no, but hell no. 

They are proposing taking us back to the same situation that devastated the economy less than a decade ago. They have not learned the lessons of the past, rather they have openly doubled down on them. Here is the problem with their economic plan. It is categorically designed to crush the rural and working class in order to prop up the richest. They are clearly desiring to begin a trade war with China in order to correct what are clear issues. But starting a trade war is not the way forward. If we are not careful, we will suffer retaliatory tariffs. Now Mr. Madison may say “bring it on” but it will wind up crushing farmers who export their crops overseas. If you send the Democrats back to a Senate majority, one of our first actions will be to give Congress tariff control. I dare  Mr. Madison to say that. They want to be small government, put up or shut up. 

But then he goes on to talk about simplifying the tax code by getting rid of the estate tax. The Republican nominee has been quoted as saying that the estate tax hurts rural and middle class Americans. Every time they say it, they are preying on your ignorance. If they are saying that those in the middle class are inheriting over five million dollars, then they are more out of touch than it seems. The estate tax only comes into play after five million dollars, or almost eleven million if you’re married. The middle class isn’t impacted by that. Cutting it will not impact the majority of Americans. But they’re hoping if they say the same lie over and over you’ll believe it. Fighting the Waltons by giving them more money isn’t fiscal conservatism, it isn’t helping the middle class, and it’s absolutely irresponsible. 

From assisting shareholders and executives when it comes to medicine prices to making sure the uber wealthy don’t pay taxes if their inheritances are over five million dollars, the Republican party has shown that they have abandoned the middle class. They speak about fairness, but it’s fair if you’re rich. But here’s the trap, and don’t fall into it. It’s the same old Republican cycle. They cut taxes on the richest because they swear this time it will create growth. They cut corporate tax because they swear this time it will work. But because they’ve cut the income, a deficit is created. Then they turn and cut services to poor in both urban and rural communities. They cut food programs, health programs, education funding, environmental funding. The richest get richer and the poor get less. It’s the same old game they’ve played over and over. Don’t let them do it. You can say no. Put the Democrats back in Congress and we will stop the deficit creation scam. 

Mr. Madison then turned and sought to discuss bipartisanship; and I laughed. He gets upset because I got flustered about an amendment. He failed to disclose that that amendment would’ve put a sunset on 9/11 first responders support.I feel like there are things that are simple and easy, things worth defending. If I’m guilty of getting into hysterics fighting for 9/11 responders, if that’s radical, then I will wear that badge with pride an honor. I will get angry and mad because they’re worth fighting for. So, I want you to hear me Mr. Madison, I’m not going to apologize for fighting for them. This party is not going to apologize for fighting for responders. I know that’s a low bar of decency, but we’ve had to drag the GOP to it. He says a good bill is a good bill, even though many of them didn’t want to make sure the revenge porn ban got up for debate. Yes, I do get angry, yes I do debate hard. Because it is exhausting asking the so called moral majority to do something morally right. 

But I refuse to take lectures from the Republican majority about bipartisanship. When you have to change the rules of the Senate, and you still can’t get anything through, you’re a failed leader. When you’re own nominee was called a “dud” you’re a failed party. Mr. Madison, When a senator argues against a bill, then votes for it, it’s chaos. We don’t need chaos, we need leadership in the Senate. Put the Democrats in the Senate, put Christina Tillman in the White House, and you will get that leadership. 

Finally, Mr. Madison decided to talk about states rights. Mr. Madison, the very first bill into the Senate was a gun bill that would’ve overridden Massachusetts's states rights. Nobody believes you. Nobody is buying it. 

They will override those laws if you send them back. They will try every single time. Mr. Madison, the American people are tired of the chaos you’re party has brought to the Senate. We’re sick of the hypocrisy and the double talk. We’re sick of getting nothing done. We’re sick of the pandering to multimillionaires and riding the backs of the poor. 

So then I say to you here tonight, we will press forward. There is no seat out of play for us. We are coming for them. We are bringing our message of hope for the rural, working, and middle class. We will fight every single day. Send us back to Washington, and we will lead. 

Thank you. God bless you. And God bless America"





Senator Joey Stallman (D-WV) @Wat

America was built on the back on the common man. The common worker, the common farmer, the common teamster built this nation with their blood, their sweat, and their tears. And, as I’m sure all of you know, they’ve gotten none of the credit. When people ask who built the railroads, they don’t say poor laborers; they say Andrew Carnegie. Telephones? Bell. Cars? Ford. But none of that would be possible without the tireless toils of labor, and it’s way past time that the common worker got the recognition they deserve.

Unions have never had their rightful place in American society, but over the past forty or so years, it’s been a steady decline on every front. So called “right-to-work” laws – commonly known as theft – have chipped away at labor rights, wages, and benefits incessantly. Republicans on every aspect of their “spectrum” of views have been united in favoring the big businessman, fat cat X, Y, and Z, over living wages and affordable benefits. Auto manufacturers have fled one-time labor strongholds like Michigan and Ohio for the rapacious forests of Alabama and the dusty prospects of Mexico. Instead of Teamsters, we have trucking giants out of the southern states that come as close to stealing from their employees as they can get. Changes in technology have been profoundly negative; as manufacturing jobs disappear, they’re replaced with tech jobs. But Silicon Valley is almost universally not unionized, and that’s a price that’s been taken out on the American worker across the board.

Look, enough is enough already. Anthony Granata is yet another in a long, long line of labor-hating Republicans. He thinks the minimum wage is cheating giant employers. He thinks health insurance should be only affordable by the wealthy. And he thinks that so called “right to work” laws are something that should be forced on workers nationwide. Anthony Granata will destroy America’s workers, make the rich richer, and call it prosperity. And it is – but only for him and his Wall Street cronies.

We’ve suffered for far too long. Christina Tillman is the one person I trust to bring worker’s rights back to the forefront of American politics. Instead of whining about immigration, let’s make unions the #1 issue again. Let’s make nationwide card check a reality, so simply signing a card that you want to unionize is enough to form a union. Let’s stiffen penalties on employers that think that it’s okay to bully their workers into not forming a union. Let’s repeal the worst parts of Taft-Hartley, so that for the first time in 70 years unions can stand face to face with corporate executives. Let’s raise the minimum wage and mandate paid family leave, so all workers can afford the necessities of life. And, most importantly, let’s put our money where our votes are. Get out there in your workplace and actually start a union already! Have courage, and fight for rights of workers not just at the ballot box, but in your everyday life. Thank you, and God Bless the AFL-CIO."





Senator Camille Pronovost (D-MT) @KDD

"Global warming is nothing short of an existential threat to humanity and this party, lead by Christina Tillman, is ready to tackle it head on. We are seeing firsthand the effects of climate change and while it is not too late to act, it is getting dangerously close.  Much of America is facing a water shortages that are putting our agricultural economy at risk. Other parts of America are at near constant thread of wild fire. We are seeing in parts of Florida and all up and down the coasts that communities are trying to adapt a new reality where the shores are arriving in their front yards. And on a global scale, the battle for resources has caused conflict since the start of human kind. Climate change is pouring gas onto the fire. We have already seen climate change in the Middle East leading to mass migration into urban areas, creating a scarcity of jobs which leads to a discontent population, vulnerable to radicalization. Indeed, climate change threatens us from every which way and I have no time for anyone that wants to pussyfoot around the issue.

Christina Tillman and the entire Democratic Party is ready to take the bull by the horns and lead the world in the fight against climate change. And don’t let any tell you otherwise, embracing a green agenda is not making America eat its vegetables. On the contrary, investment in green energy will create a boom of economic activity. President Obama was faced with the toughest task since FDR and he did an admirable job leading America has it emerged from the great recession. We rebounded stronger than all of  our West Allies as a result of his leadership. However, we cannot ignore the reality that many rural areas have not yet fully recovered, even as many of our cities have prospered. And that my friends is why we must invest in green energy. It will be an economic revolution, fueled by our rural communities.

When we talk about wind turbines and solar panels, where will they all go? More often than not they will be in our rural areas. For the thousands of family farms that are just getting by, the reliable income they could get by leasing just a small part of their land to generate wind or solar energy will be a god send. There bill be a boom in construction in rural, for the first time in generations, not to mention plenty of good paying jobs maintaining these sources of energy for years to come. Make no mistake, Christina Tillman will lead a rural economic revival, flush with good paying, non outsourceable  jobs.

My fellow Americans, we are at a critical time not just in American history, but in world history. Do we want to look back in 50 years, with seas rising, drought and violence all around the world and regret this moment? Do we want to tell our children that we were convinced by the talking points of the oil and gas lobby? No, now is a time to make future generations proud. We will save this planet, and we will prosper as a result! Join me today in my support of Christina Tillman and lets bring it home in November!"


Chairman Ward approaches podium for the DNC Vice Presidential Nominee Roll Call 

The name Madeline Hayden has been put forward for consideration. I now move that this body by consent approves to make Senator Madeline Hayden our Democratic Vice-Presidential nominee, all in favor say aye.

The crowd erupts in cheers

Those opposed say nay

A moment passes

It is in my opinion that the ayes have it and Senator Madeline Hayden is confirmed as the Vice Presidential nominee for the Democratic ticket.





Elise Thorne approaches the podium @CWard

"Good Evening! My name is Elise Thorne. I’m a wife, a professor, a state legislator, and I’m running for the Senate from a little state named Arkansas. So often, Arkansas has been discounted, especially in this election. As I’ve been traveling around my state, people have often said, “Don’t you know Democrats can’t win in Arkansas. It’s way too conservative.” I’ve been called the underdog. But I like being the underdog. We are the party of the under dog. In Arkansas, our farmers get up and work hard. Our people have been dragged down after years of Republican influence refusing to fight for a living wage. $13 a day isn’t enough to put food on the table and clothes to wear. I’m running because I’m the underdog who knows what it takes to fight and win. 


But tonight it is my honor to introduce to you a Vice Presidential nominee who knows what it’s like to fight for the underdogs and the middle class. When she saw education dollars going to the richest school districts at the cost of her students, she didn’t sit by. She stood up and demanded better. When she saw problems in her state, she stood up and fought her way to Washington. Democrats, our nominee and the next Vice President, from the state of Connecticut, Madeline Hayden!"




Senator Madeline Hayden (D-CT) Vice-Presidential Nominee @Randall


Good evening, Philadelphia. It's a pleasure to be out here in your wonderful city. I got the train down here last night and the journey gave me the chance to remind myself of all that is great about our nation. From my little town outside New Haven into the city and onto the bustling metropolis of New York; down through the fields and coast of the Northeast and into the city of Brotherly Love. I accept that love may not be so freely given to your neighbors up in my neck of the woods come Sunday afternoons but I can live with six days out of seven.

And I was reminded by the great in America by the fact that my train down here cost me little enough that I would have been able to afford it just a few years ago when I was standing in front of a classroom instead of the crowd of this convention. Our ability to do good through government comes from our ability to give people access. Access to travel and the great in our country; access to the resources our country holds and the wealth we create for it. To create a life where no human being is treated as less than human and where dignity is given to us as a right and not a privilege.

I got to thinking that from the time I stepped on in New Haven, call it convention daydreaming if you will, and by the time the train pulled into Penn Station the thought felt wrong. I couldn't place the thought but as we rolled through New Jersey I glanced out the window and could only see towns that reminded me of the one where I had taught for so many years in classrooms. Classrooms where often teachers, themselves stretched thin, had to supply school supplies and even meals out of their own pocket because they knew the children needed them more. As I looked at those towns, I saw places like the one I came from where the ability to access even the most basic things such as school supplies and food were above an unbreakable ceiling for so many. And I thought back to the train I was sitting on and the access that our government gives through it and could only think that it simply is not enough: our country is great when it gives access to everyone but simply giving people the ability to purchase a ticket then go nowhere with it is not enough. Being able to see is not being able to do and being able to live in a nation of freedoms is not the same as being able to live and exercise those freedoms. Our nation is great when it does all of those things but all too often right now it only manages to do the former.

We have the power to end this. If we do not stand here today to take the action to make America a nation accessible to all, then this hall would be as much use sitting empty. We must stand here to make the freedom and opportunity of America accessible to all; to give a life granted dignity and security to everyone without question. That starts in places like the classrooms I spoke about. Funding our education system so that every school is given the funding it needs and not funding based on how it performs is within our grasp already. Making sure every American is paid a wage they can live on so that no teacher, or other worker, ever has to worry about where the food is going to come from or how they will put a roof over their heads is within our power right now. Making every classroom accessible for both students and teachers in America is something that is within our grasp right now. If we do not stand here for it, then we stand here for nothing.

I use the classroom here only as an example. The building block of our society. That access must extend beyond there. The access to a free and secure life is not afforded to LGBT people across America who can be fired in states across the nation for simply being who they are. It is not afforded to transgender Americans who can be discriminated against and denied the basic freedom to even do the simplest of tasks such as use a public bathroom or have their government and employer recognize their gender free of hassle and harassment.. The power to change that is in our hands. Putting protections in place for every American to be free to live as w

ho they are and to ensure the forces of bigotry that would try to stop them are crushed at every turn.

The power to ensure accessibility for our disabled communities is in our grasp right now. Ensuring that corporations can no longer slide out from under the ADA by relying on lax government enforcement of its protections is something we must do. Ensuring that the blood and sweat of disabled people at work is no longer denied the equality of the fair, living wage we must give to everyone is in our grasp; no longer should we allow the medieval shop system that pushes them onto the tracks and stains our nation by denying them that access.

Our nation is nothing, and our party is nothing if we do not stand, fight and more importantly create a realized equality for the most marginalized among us. We are not the land of the free if we are not free for all. I stand here as part of an all-woman ticket for the first time in American history but I know that glass ceiling being broken means nothing if we have only cracked a hole in it. An all-woman ticket means nothing if we do not take action now to ensure pay equality, if we do not make it so no woman in America is subjected to harassment that our justice system sweeps under the rug. I cannot in good conscience call America a land that is free for women, where the glass ceiling has been broken, if it only stands broken for those on this stage. If we do not break these ceilings for everyone then we have broken them for no one.
We have not ended racism and bigotry in our nation for as long as we allow en mass police shootings of people of colour in our nation stand unchecked. The power is in our hands to enforce stronger training of law enforcement; to mandate body cameras and to mandate proper oversight from our government at the top levels to ensure access to justice for all as it was intended to do. 

Breaking all of these ceilings is something that stands in our grasp. It is time for action now. Our nation is great because everyone has a ticket but we are here to make sure everyone is given a destination and the ability to use that ticket. As a country we are only as good as how we treat the most marginalized among us.. I stand before you because I know Christina Tillman is ready to take the action needed to ensure we finally make ourselves an accessible nation. Where we create the best America, and our government, has had to offer for everyone and not just those who we deem fit for it. I am proud to stand here as her nomination for Vice-President because I know these are goals we will achieve. But I also know we must stand here because to Anthony Granata, achieving these goals is not paramount to the greatness of America. To him, the same old system where you can get into the club only if you look a certain way or have a certain amount of wealth or meet his norms is just fine. That is not an America that can ever be great. We know that. We stand here today with the power to make a better America; one where we stand stronger together and have access together and I stand proud to be your nominee for Vice-President on that platform but the real work begins here; now it is time to go out and exercise our power to realize it. Thank you.


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Robert Rhodes "News Around the Nation"

"Good Evening Philadelphia! Welcome to day 2 of the Democratic National Convention. Tonight, we have number of speakers and most importantly the nomination of Christina Tillman, your next president of the United States. Before we bring out our first speaker we will share with you a video." 


Opening scene: (A truck parked at a closed gate in front of a production factory. The driver hops out and notices a sign that says closed due to recession.) 

Narrator: The great recession hurt working Americans the most. In America's heartland there are thousands of these businesses that were closed resulting in 8.8 million jobs lost. 

Scene: (cuts to a girl holding a doll in front of her house. The girl appears dirty and malnourished)

Narrator: With millions out of work many Americans struggled to put food on the table or provide basic needs. 

Scene: (cuts to 2008 DNC convention and President Obama's acceptance speech on change)

Narrator: President Obama promised change 8 years ago and that is what has occurred. The economy has recovered and 11 million new jobs have been created. 

Scene: (cuts to a family of 4 outside of their house smiling and happy)

Narrator: We have come to far to reverse the progress we have made. Come November Vote for Continued Progress. 





Reverend Wolfe Allenson (D-MO)

"Good evening Philadelphia, I am honored and privileged to speak to you here tonight. Before I begin I'd like to ask that you join me in a moment of silence for those soldiers who have died in pursuit of keeping us safe so that we have the freedom to be here tonight. *moment of silence ends* Thank you, as I said everyday hundreds of thousands of men and women fight and die for our right to freely gather and share our opinions and for that they deserve the best and brightest commander and chief we can give them.

They deserve a commander and chief who won't ship them out to fight feckless wars over oil like we did in Iraq and Afghanistan, nor will they send them to fight a war without the ability to win as we did in Vietnam. They deserve a commander and chief who understands the magnitude of the impact sending troops into harms way will have and thus will use the olive branch first, instead of restricting the options of peace by say cutting the department of state's budget in favor of increased military spending. And they deserve a commander and chief who day 1 will have a plan to stamp out the terrorists and show our foes abroad that they aren't all talk with no action.

As well as a commander and chief we also need a President who will fight with Israel and continue to improve and strengthen that deep bond as without that bond our two countries would not nearly be as prosperous and free as they are now. We all need a President who will take a tough stance on Iran and ensure they will not and cannot now or ever build nuclear weapons and if they do so the consequences will far and above outlay any ill-conceived benefits they believe they may have. What we don't need though is more uncertainty with Iran or giving Iran a free chance to get nuclear weapons by foolishly and blindly pulling out of the Iran Nuclear Deal with no alternative plan in place. We also must get real with North Korea, they have nukes and the man with the temperament of an infant in control of those nukes, we need a President who knows that going to war with North Korea again is not the answer to the problem, nor is simple doing the status quo of sanctions we need someone who is able to make real with of North Korea the likes of which haven't been seen since Bill Clinton dealt with the North Korean threat at that time. 

The woman who I know will unite our allies and strike fear into our enemies and give our military men and women the peace of mind that they never have to worry about whether their commander and chief is making the right move is Senator Christina Tillman. As President Senator Tillman will continue to fight tough against Iran and North Korea without sending our troops into a war that will only result in high casualties and no results, a possibility Senator Granata the Republican nominee has not ruled out at any point, but will instead use diplomacy and the full force of the Iran Nuclear Deal to derail both threats. She will reaffirm and stand behind our alliance with Israel and ensure our alliance with our strongest friend in the region holds firm. It is for these reasons I happily endorse and congratulate my friend and your next President Christina Tillman on being the first ever female major party nominee. Thank you Philadelphia, and may God Bless you and your families!"


Video 2:

Opening scene: (cuts to a scene of an eagle flying over the shoreline)

Narrator: Our environment is the most precious commodity we have, yet it is being threatened every day. 

Scene: (Cuts to a city full of smog over head)

Narrator: We continue to pollute our environment at all time highs and we continue to see the side effects of global warming. 

Scene: (Cuts to a stream flowing over the rocks so miraculously)

Narrator: We must act now to continue to preserve our environment. Only way to do that is to Vote Democrat in November. 




Senate Minority Leader Robert Powell (D-CO) @Dogslife


Hello everybody! How are you all doing? I am Senator Robert Powell of the great state of Colorado and I’m the Senate Minority, hopefully soon majority, leader. Today I am here to talk to you all about protecting our American values. I think these values can be summed up to a couple.

Freedom. Prosperity. Equality. Democracy.

Our country was built on the basis of these three pillars. Without even one of them, our country would not be this great beacon of greatness it is now.

Our first pillar, freedom, so important to our country, it is literally the first amendment to our constitution. We must use this election, I mean in the senate and the house and on Pennsylvania avenue, to protect our freedom. We must protect women's freedom to make their own choices about their bodies. Our government should not be trying to take this constitutional right away from us! The republicans in congress right now are trying to strip this right from Americans, especially from poor women. Abortion is healthcare and we need to protect healthcare! The republicans are trying to strip our freedoms from us and we need to fight them at every corner!

But we cannot stop there. We need to fight to protect our prosperity. We need our wages to keep up with our productivity. We cannot keep filling the pockets of the 1% and of corporations, we need that money going to the middle and working classes. We need Tillman’s revenue neutral middle class tax relief. Our middle class deserves prosperity and this country is the perfect breeding ground for that prosperity. With democrats in power at all levels, we will make that prosperity come to life! We’ve had years of republican leadership and all of it has resulted in is stagnant wages and recessions. So what can we do? Vote blue up and down the ticket!

That brings me to my next point, equality. This is a fight we sadly still have to have. We started back in the 1800’s when we abolished slavery. Then we gave the right to vote to women and native Americans. Then we got rid of Jim Crow laws. All of this has been met with harsh pushback from who? Conservatives. Conservatives fought for Jim Crow laws and fought against the 19th amendment. Now we find ourselves embroiled in the civil rights fight of our generation. Equality for the LGBTQ+ community. There are lawmakers who still say that gay couples should not be allowed to marry. Lawmakers who say they shouldn’t be allowed to adopt because it's “unamerican.” Well I think it's unamerican for them to deny rights to their fellow countrymen! I think it's unamerican to force people into a bathroom that goes against their gender identity! I think it's unamerican to think that anyone in the LGBTQ community is less than their fellow man! It is not a good state of affairs when a couple can post pictures of their wedding on facebook and get kicked out of their homes and fired from their jobs the next. We need to pass the equality act and we need to now! Discrimination of any form must be stopped and fought against! It's a good thing we have history on our side. Every time there has been a civil rights issue, the party that has been giving people rights has been the ones historically in the right. We've seen it with slavery and women's suffrage and with Jim Crow. That's how simple this is. We want to give more and equal rights to Americans while the radical conservatives in congress want to take away those rights. This is our fight to win and we will win it!

Lastly, democracy. This is our most important value we must defend this election. We democrats must continue fight to let everyone vote. We have to expand access to mail in ballots like what’s happened in my home state of Colorado where we have nearly universal mail-in ballots. We need to automatically register everyone to vote when they do things like get a driver's license. Our democracy is stronger when more people can vote. Our democracy is stronger when we as liberals and moderates and progressives fight against republican voter suppression. Republicans do not want more people to vote. And we’ve also seen that they want to keep gerrymandering. Every republican in the senate voted to keep gerrymandering alive. If you vote for us dems we will change that! We will make it so the power in this country is in the hands of the people. We will expand the right to vote! We will eliminate gerrymandering! We will stop dark money and corporations from buying politicians and buying elections! We will continue our great American progress! Christina Tillman is the perfect person to do that!

Now, please welcome Chairman Calvin Ward back to the stage to make Senator Tillman’s nomination official!




Chairman Calvin Ward (D-MA)


Now, ladies and gentlemen, I officially submit the name of Christina Tillman of California to be our next presidential nominee! Do I hear a second?

*The crowd erupts in cheers*

We will now have a voice vote, if you wish to see Senator Christina Tillman to be the democratic candidate for president say aye.

*The crowd erupts even louder than before*

All opposed please make yourselves clear by saying nay,

*A moment goes by*

It is the opinion of the chair that the ayes have it and John Knox is confirmed as the next Democratic candidate for President of the United States of America! 


Democrats, this evening you make me proud to Chair the party. We come from all walks of life. Some of us are from the factories and suburbs of the East Coast and the Rust Belt. Some of us have come from the plains of the Midwest, and the Mountains of the Rockies. You may have traveled from the beaches of California or the bayous of Louisiana. But tonight, we are gathered together as one party. We come from different backgrounds. Some of us are union workers, others are entrepreneurs. Some of us are farmers and others are urban academics. But tonight we stand in solidarity. We may differ on some issues, we have different methods but we are focused on one idea. That it does not matter where you come from, who you are, who you love, or what you do, but that when we work together we can build a just and fair society that says if you work hard, you can succeed. 

A leader has risen among us. She has captivated our minds and our hearts with her passion for unity, not just for this party; but for this country. She began as a professor, working to shape young minds. She then took up the mantle of leadership and has worked tirelessly for this party and for, not just her constituents, but for all Americans. Filled with passionate persistence toward the goal of a united America. It has been my joy and my honor to know her, to work alongside her, and to be her friend. 

From the great state of California, a leader that this country needs, the Senator, Democratic nominee and next President of the United States Christina Tillman.




Democratic Presidential Nominee and Senate Minority Whip Christina Tillman (D-CA)


Thank you, Philadelphia! Thank you, delegates from all over this great country. Thank you, Chairman Ward, Senate Minority Leader Powell, and my running mate Senator Madeline Hayden. And thank you to all Americans watching at home. Just 8 years ago I was a professor at UCLA teaching our youth the values of democracy. Now I have the honor of standing here before you as your nominee for President of the United States. This is an extremely humbling moment for me. As a young child I often asked why no women presidents and I was told that is just how it has been and always will be. Ever since those days as a child I was determined to be the one to break that barrier. There are no glass-ceilings when you will it into reality. We started this journey months ago in my hometown in California and since I have traveled all over this great country meeting so many people while talking about my vision for the future and hearing theirs. I have been to the countryside, to the inner cities, from coast to coast listening to everyday Americans. Robert Baden-Powell once said, “If you make listening and observation your occupation, you will gain much more than you can by talk.” Well America I have been listening. We, as the Democratic party, have been listening. We know and understand the struggles that impact your everyday lives and we will fight to continue to make a difference.

Republicans in the Senate like Anthony Granata have ignored the struggles of the American people for years. When you were losing your jobs, your homes, and your cars they sat back in their ivory towers and said, “the market will fix itself.” Now 8 years after the great recession they still offered zero solutions for the struggles that you face and the only legislation they have worked towards only takes this country back towards the Bush administration. We all remember too well the mess our country was in before President Obama took the reins. Granata is just Bush 2.0, but worse because he represents an extreme far right wing of the Republican party. In speeches given around the country, he has said numerous times that he will reverse all the progress we have made. Just look at some of the plans he supports like the Fitzgerald tax plan. It’s a tax plan that they claim as a solution to help the middle class, but it is nothing more than a mirage. Their plan is to cut taxes on corporations and repeal the estate tax. Republicans claims it is to help the middle class, but the only group that is benefiting is the top 1% and if enacted would create huge budget deficits. Our country has come too far forward to turn to failed policies again. The only way we prevent a recession of policy is by continuing our progress together. We are stronger together. 

We must unify as a country bringing Progressives, Moderates, and Conservatives together. Tonight, you will hear my plan of action for how we do just that. You will hear a message of togetherness rather than division. For far too long, we have been divided as a country. We will have moments where we do not agree with each other, but our democracy will hold us together. I taught my college students that the foundation of our country is a great collaboration. We are only as strong those around us and it is time, we remember all unites us. Lincoln famously said, “A house divided against itself cannot stand.” Unfortunately, more times than not in politics we have seen that very outcome. Our country is divided, and it is our job to bridge that gap. This country deserves leaders that will strengthen our country rather than ripping it further apart. We only have one path to achieving this outcome. We watched the Republican primary and the carnage that followed. If Granata cannot unite his own party how can we expect him to unite and lead our entire country. We are stronger together!

Together, we will continue to progress healthcare in this country. Over the last 8 years we have progressed healthcare forward. President Obama promised change in 2008 and with the ACA that is exactly what we received. As a result, we have the most insured Americans in our history, insurance payers can no longer deny coverage for pre-existing conditions, and students can remain on their parent’s plan until age 26. These accomplishments came with opposition from the Republican party. At every opportunity they have attempted to repeal the ACA, fortunately they have been unsuccessful. A Granata Administration if elected would open the doors for repeal and reverse the progress we have made. Instead in November, we must as a country choose to continue to progress forward, together. Together we can continue to strengthen the ACA and tackle high healthcare costs at the source. The average American family spends a 3rd of their income paying for healthcare. When we compare that to other nations they spend nearly half compared to the United States. These figures are unacceptable in the day and age we live in today. Our country has the finest physicians and hospitals in the world, yet we pay the most for healthcare. The leading causes stem from chronic conditions. 6 in 10 Americans have a chronic condition, many of which could be prevented. As President, I will direct the Health Department to form a commission of the best physicians, facilities, and insurance payers to reach a plan for combatting chronic conditions. Together, we will enact legislation that will allow for sick days, paid-family leave, and vacation days each year so that the American people can schedule their routine physicals without fear of losing their income. We will also incentivize those yearly physicals by creating the “Healthier America Tax Credit” which will allow for a deduction for individuals that receive their annual physical. Together, we will continue to expand Medicaid, strengthen Medicare, and work towards making healthcare affordable for everyone. We will accomplish the goals of strengthening our healthcare system to make it work for everyone and we will create a system that will make our children proud.

Make our children proud that is something we should stride for in every aspect of how we govern, but most importantly on the issues that impact our children the most. One of those issues is education and unfortunately our education system is failing our students. The United States is ranked 21st in the world in education according to the United Nations index. We score below average in math and science, both areas that we used to lead the world. These figures are both frightening and unacceptable. We must do everything in our power to improve our system rather than defunding and privatizing, which is the Granata plan. Republicans in Congress have and will continue to attempt to disband the department of education and use taxpayer dollars to fund private schools. This is a destructive plan that we must not allow to come to fruition. As President, I will support public schools, teachers, and students. We will enact legislation that modernizes the classroom. We will bring modern technology to classes that lack the basics such as computers and modern projectors. Schools in Harlem will have the same technology as those in Orange County. I will enact legislation that raises the salaries of teachers across this country while enacting legislation that will forgive student loans for every teacher. Our teachers should focus on the students that they teach rather than on the debt they have acquired from their schooling. And finally, we will better our trade schools starting with skill training in high schools and we will make 2-year institutions free for all Americans. Every student deserves the opportunity to learn a trade or further their education. This approach will produce the greatest generation of educated students this country has ever seen and together we can make it a reality.

But for our students to succeed after they receive their education the United States must continue to have a strong economy. Over the 8 years our country has recovered from one of the most devastating economic periods of our history. Republicans in Congress and President Bush in the White House enacted legislation that de-regulated banks, failed to strengthen the middle class, and focused their attention on serving the top 1% of Americans rather than the 99%. You would expect that by paying witness to the mistakes of Bush that Granata would approach the economy with plans like those that have worked under President Obama, yet he still touts those failed Bush economic policies. Republicans have told supporters at rallies that they would help the middle class by repealing the estate tax and lowering the corporate tax. How does lowering the taxes on CEOs and 1% help the middle class? The answer is that it doesn’t in fact it is a path towards more economic struggles. This plan would result in extremely high budget deficits which only hurts the economy and the middle class. We cannot elect another Bush and allow failed economic policies to reverse all the progress that we have made over the last 8 years. We must continue to progress into the future together to strengthen our economy even further. My plan for continued success is very clear. We will revive the middle class with my tax plan. I will enact a deficit neutral tax plan that lowers the taxes on working Americans. I will expand the earned income and the first-time homeowner credits to go with the new “Healthier America Tax Credit.” Along with my tax plan I will push for several initiatives that will continue to strengthen the middleclass. I will support the passage of the ERA which will protect women and minorities rights to equal pay for equal work.  I will enact paid-family leave across this country so that Americans do not have to worry about losing their jobs when a situation with their family arises. And I will support the gradual increase of the minimum wage in this country. In the day and age, we live in it is deplorable that legislators would rather give the wealthy tax breaks, but not raise the minimum wage. The American workers and families deserve better than what they have received from Republicans in power. As President, I will be your voice in Washington. I will stand up to big business and continue support the American worker’s right to unionize. The American worker is the backbone of our country. Together we can make the American economy even stronger.

Most importantly for our country to be strong we need to accomplish this all by never conceding our values that we hold so dear. Values such as freedom and equality. The only way we do that is by continuing to strengthen our laws to make the system works for everyone and by ensuring we are the crowning jewel of democracy. We must first work on our domestic approach by ensure that every American that is legally eligible to vote can take part in the practice of democracy. We do this by continuing to strengthen state voting laws and prevent any modern day voter suppression in Washington. We must continue to protect the rights of every American regardless of race, color, gender, religion, sexual orientation, or economic status and show the world that every man and women are created equally. Finally, we must  continue to have a presence in the world stage. We are the greatest super power of the history of the world and we have an obligation to fulfill that role. As commander in chief I will put the United States best interests first and that starts by ensuring we take care of our military and veterans at home. As President, I will continue to ensure that our fighting men and women have the equipment that they need. I will continue to protect our interests by strengthening our relationships with Israel and other allies, prevent Iran and North Korea from obtaining nuclear weapons through additional sanctions if they continue in that direction, and strong stance on China. For too many years China has stolen our intellectual property and jobs through unfair trade practices. Those days are over with my administration.  We work towards these common goals so that future generations around the world can experience freedom and equality that we hold dear. Together we can ensure our values continue to lead our country.

Tonight, as I look out over this crowd of energetic individuals and I can’t help but think about how fortunate each one of us are and how far our country has come in just 240 years. We have achieved great things through progress and collaboration. We created a model for democracy that the world now uses as the standard. These achievements were met opposition from those that resist progress and change, however we were able to overcome. We wrote a Constitution that sets a foundation for our country and we have continued to strengthen that document throughout our history. We added the “Bill of Rights”, the 13th, 14th, 15th, and 19th amendments which ended slavery and protects the right to vote for women and minorities. All of these were met with opposition, yet we as a country overcame. How did we overcome? That answer is simple, liberalism. Liberalism means liberty, consent of the governed, and equality before the law, however you would not get to that conclusion if you listen to the GOP convention. Republicans like to use the phrase as derogatory and dirty, but there is nothing else I am prouder to call myself. Yes, I am a liberal and some of our greatest Presidents in our history have been liberals. Abraham Lincoln, FDR, JFK, and most recently President Obama were all liberals. Our country is strongest when we work together and a liberal is in the office means together. I am proud to pick up where these great men left off and carry the torch for liberty, consent of the govern, and equality. Together we will usher in a future that will make us all proud. This will not be an easy task and we are a long way from November, and I can guarantee you that there will be some opposition to progress, but we will overcome just as we have for the last 240 years.  I am Christina Tillman and I am proud to be your Nominee for President of the United States. Thank you and God Bless the United States of America.



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