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2016 Republican National Convention


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The 2016 Republican National Convention

Cleveland, Ohio

State Senator and Republican Candidate for US Senate in Pennsylvania Dean Tyler



Hello Cleveland! It's great to be with you here tonight at the Republican National Convention, where we will nominate Anthony Granata and Adam Benson to be the next President and Vice President of the United States of America! I'm running for the U.S. Senate in my home state of Pennsylvania because I understand how important it is that we not only retake the White House, but hold onto Congress as well. The essential liberties at the heart of what it means to be American are at stake.

Some 240 years ago, our forefathers declared independence from Great Britain, and they embarked on an experiment to create a republic that prioritizes life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness as its most cherished rights and highest ideals. That experiment is ongoing today. We're part of it. One crucial part of that undertaking was securing religious liberty for the American people. Many of the men and women who came to call themselves Americans originally came here from Europe and other parts of the world, fleeing religious persecution. Some were Protestants, some were Catholics, and later in our history some were Jews, Muslims, and people of other faiths. All believed in a loving and just God as well as the freedom to follow the courage of their convictions. With both past and future in mind, our founding fathers created the First Amendment, which ensured the federal government would establish no church to marginalize and persecute other churches, and protected the free exercise of religion for every American.

Two centuries ago, the establishment of a state-sponsored church was the biggest threat to religious liberty. Today, religious liberty faces a very different threat. In 2016, Americans' religious liberty is threatened by a militant secularism that insists religion has no place in the public square. Religious liberty is under attack, quite frankly, by Democrats in Congress -- like Robert Powell, who wants to put people of faith out of business if they follow the calling of their conscience. He wants to tell small business owners they can't believe in the traditional definition of marriage anymore. If a Christian baker, a Muslim florist, or a Jewish hairdresser wants to stay in business, he or she will have to participate in same-sex weddings. This isn't how it was supposed to go, is it? This was supposed to be about equality under the law, not cultural warfare and dominance. And yet here we are today with Robert Powell advancing discrimination and persecution against people of faith in the name of furthering so-called equality. But it's not real equality when people of faith are treated unjustly under the law. It's simply un-American to violate religious liberty. Robert Powell must be stopped.

Fortunately, ladies and gentlemen, he will be stopped. He'll be stopped because right now we have a Republican Congress. But if my opponent for the U.S. Senate is elected, if enough Democratic Senate candidates who will make Robert Powell the Senate Majority Leader are elected, and if a Democratic House majority is elected, this vile affront to religious liberty will pass Congress. If Christina Tillman is elected President of the United States, this bill which flies in the face of hundreds of years of American values will become law.

We can't let it happen. As Ronald Reagan once said: "Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction. We didn't pass it to our children in the bloodstream. It must be fought for, protected, and handed on for them to do the same." When you leave this convention, resolve that you will fight for freedom. Resolve that you will protect our liberty. Resolve that you will hand on the legacy of our fathers and their fathers to your children, and show them by example how to fight for and protect the heritage of freedom that is rightfully theirs. Resolve that we will re-elect a Republican congressional majority, and resolve that we will help Anthony Granata take back the White House. It's up to all of us here tonight. Thank you all, and God bless America!

Iowa US Senator Adam Bishop



Good evening fellow Republicans, and to everyone watching at home. I'm excited to be here in Cleveland, part of the vast heartland of America. You know, President Obama and the establishment media keep telling us we're in a recovery -- but are you feeling the recovery? No? No, you're not feeling it here in Cleveland, and we're not feeling it back home in Des Moines. Growth has been anemic. What little growth has occurred has mostly happened in cities along the coasts, not in middle America. If a so-called recovery happens in America, but nobody in the heartland feels it, is it really a recovery? No, it isn't. And there's a reason you're not feeling it. It's because establishment Democrats in Washington, D.C. have accepted this state of affairs as the new normal. After decades of mismanaging the economy, and especially trade, now they're telling you you're just going to have to get used to going nowhere fast.

We are not going to accept that. We're going to create a recovery that brings the American economy roaring back to life. We're going to do it by ignoring the establishment's conventional wisdom and taking aim squarely at ending their failed policies. We're going to do it by electing Anthony Granata the next President of the United States, and sending Republican majorities back to Congress!

First and foremost, we're going to stop deliberately losing the trade war other countries have been waging against the American worker for decades. We are going to stop letting China rise at the expense of American decline. We've already started that important work through the Fair Trade with China Enforcement Act, but there's much more work to be done. With a Republican in the White House and a Republican Congress, we're going to negotiate better deals for the American working class, and we're going to renegotiate bad trade deals. We're going to hold multinational corporations accountable for advancing China's economic and military rise at our expense. With Anthony Granata in the White House and Republican majorities returned to Congress, we're going to stop surrendering to other countries' ambitions, especially China's, and start winning again.

Second, we're going to reform the tax code. Many economic experts agree that our dysfunctional tax code is one of the main reasons we've become so uncompetitive with the rest of the world. We have the highest corporate tax rate in the world, and it's time we lowered it so our businesses aren't automatically handicapped competing in a global economy. We can also finally provide tax relief for working class Americans. Under the Granata plan, we'll lower income tax rates across the board, we'll increase the standard deduction to ensure no one is taxed into poverty, and we'll increase the child tax credit by almost double what it is today. We need a tax code that works for everyone, not just accountants who make too much money because they're the only ones who can make sense of it all. Anthony Granata and a Republican Congress will deliver real change for taxpayers.

Finally, folks, we need to rebuild America's crumbling infrastructure. I'm talking real infrastructure investment, not the failed pork-laden stimulus of the early Obama administration. From city streets to rural roads, from our bridges to our tunnels, American infrastructure is falling apart, and it's taking an economic toll as everyone from the trucking industry to the average Joe driving home from work pays more for auto maintenance and repair thanks to our infrastructure disaster. It's time for us to rebuild our roads, bridges, and tunnels. In the process, we'll put millions of Americans to work without the need to accumulate tens of thousands of dollars in debt for a college degree. That's what you can expect from a Granata administration and a Republican congressional majority.

For eight years, we've watched as the Obama administration has stumbled from one failed economic policy to another. The result is a lukewarm recovery the heartland isn't feeling, and sluggish growth we're told we should expect to be permanent. We can't afford four or God forbid eight more years of this under a Tillman administration. The American people deserve better than this, and Republicans have a better way. It's time to elect Anthony Granata the 45th President of the United States and re-elect a Republican Congress to get it done. Thank you, and God bless America!

Arkansas US Senator Grant Pinnacle


Good evening, Cleveland; and people watching at home on TV!

As you know, under poor leadership in the White House, our issue at America’s Southern Border has become the crisis that it is today. But the crisis doesn’t exist because there are no solutions, it exists because the Democrats don’t want solutions.

We’ve witnessed together in disbelief as Democrats—including their presidential nominee—obstructed and rejected common-sense legislation to curb illegal migration, protect American families, and promote our national security. We’ve watched together in horror as Obama locked innocent children in cages rather than deterring illicit breaches into our country and ending chain migration. We’ve suffered together in frustration as illegal migrants enter our country with drugs and crime, taking your jobs and feeding off of taxpayers’ welfare.

Nevertheless, I’m here this evening at the RNC bearing good news: help is on the way.

Under the leadership of the Senate Majority Leader, Kyle Fitzgerald, Republicans in Congress have shown tremendous tenacity in fighting for those very solutions which the Democrats have sought to block. I’m confident that, under a Republican Administration and GOP-led Congress, positive change will come for the American people.

No more jobs will be stripped from American citizens and given to illegal, unskilled workers. No more innocent lives, like those of Kathryn Steinle, Dennis McCann, and Sheriff Danny Oliver, will be sacrificed to Obama’s open-borders and catch & release policies.

Americans deserve leadership in D.C. with focus, dedication, and solutions. Congressional Republicans are prepared to take on the crisis enabled by the Obama Administration at our Southern Border. We are united to promote American interests, keep your family safe, and restore the sovereignty of this great nation. We are committed to getting to work each and every day to implement rational, meaningful immigration reform.

I know there’s so much at stake this November, but the options are pretty clear: vote for four more years of open borders, crime, and drugs; or elect a Republican Congressional Majority with real solutions to the difficult issues at the border.

Thank y’all, and God bless y’all.

Nevada Republican Candidate for US Senate Tony Barrilla


Six years after it was rushed through Congress, Obamacare is starting to get exposed for what it really is: a law full of broken promises. 

Famously, the Democrats lied through their teeth to say that you would be able to keep your doctor, and of course that was wrong. Millions of Americans lost their doctor when their employers stopped carrying health insurance and they were forced to switch plans. But that’s not the only lie. Far from it.

Obamacare was also supposed to “bend the cost curve”, pundit speak for lowering the cost of healthcare. It didn’t do that. It still costs a ton of money to see a doctor, to get a prescription, to get even basic surgery. High medical costs don’t just impact the uninsured either. It makes your premiums go up because your insurer has to pay those high costs, and it makes Medicare and Medicaid less effective because the government has to pay those high costs. 

Obamacare was supposed to make quality health insurance more accessible. It hasn’t done that. Sure, you can now go on the exchanges and buy a health insurance policy if your employer doesn’t offer one…but many people found out that the only thing available to them on the exchanges was a policy with premiums that cost hundreds of dollars per month, and with a deductible as high as $5,000 or $10,000. Insurance where your deductible could drive you into bankruptcy is hardly “Affordable Healthcare”. 

There are a few things Obamacare did accomplish, let’s not take those away. It did raise health insurance premiums for nearly everyone in the country. It did invent a new type of regressive tax, the Individual Mandate, which literally taxes people for not being able to afford insurance. And it performed a feat of fiscal alchemy by expanding Medicare without actually paying for that expansion, hoping to force and bully the states into paying. 

Obamacare is a disaster. The President might boast about it as an accomplishment, but he also issues dozens of waivers to states, many of them blue states, exempting them from some of its worst provisions. Deep down, he knows that this bill is a lemon, and that the healthcare crisis in this country is very much still alive. 

It’s time for Democrats to step aside. Anthony Granata and the Republican Party are here to fix healthcare, and fix it the right way. 

First of all, we are going to fix all the ways that big government causes healthcare prices to go up. There’s some crazy red tape around healthcare. Did you know, for example, that you can’t buy health insurance from a provider in a different state? That’s right. You can go on eBay and buy a TV from somebody on the other side of the country, you can buy a car one state over and drive it home, but people in Nevada can’t buy health insurance in Utah or Arizona. Repealing that rule will create one, national market for health insurance and drive down prices for consumers through increased competition. Another way government causes higher healthcare costs is the lengthy drug approval process. Even a drug that has been found to be safe still takes years to actually go on sale, because of inefficiency at the FDA. This causes prices to go up. We will streamline drug approval so that cures get to the market faster and lowering prices. 

Second of all, we’re going to enact tort reform. Greedy trial lawyers make billions of dollars each year by filing frivolous lawsuits against doctors and hospitals. That drives up costs for everyone involved in taking care of you. Democrats will never do anything about this, because those same trial lawyers donate millions each year to the Democrat Party. The Republican Party will clamp down on abusive and baseless lawsuits, saving doctors and their patients billions in costs. Healthcare should be about making patients feel better, not about new yachts for lawyers. 

Third of all, we are going to repeal and replace Obamacare. We will get rid of the individual mandate, which is a gross abuse of federal power AND a bad policy that punishes the poorest Americans. We will get rid of the medical device tax, which makes healthcare more expensive for seniors and those with disabilities. We will make it easier for families to save for their healthcare expenses and deduct medical costs from their taxes. We will make it cheaper and easier for your employers to offer you good, high-quality health insurance, plans with low premiums and low deductibles. We will expand the number of healthcare providers and drive down costs while driving up service. 

Americans deserve better than Obamacare. Americans deserve Anthony Granata. 

Missouri US Senator and Republican National Committee Chair Michael Madison

Image result for marco rubio speaking at rnc


Hello, Cleveland! Wow, look at this amazing crowd! First, I want to applaud the amazing gentlemen who spoke before me. Let 'em hear it! [waits and claps] Thank you, thank you. We have had some extraordinary people here to talk to you guys throughout this whole thing, and it is great to see each and every one of you out here to celebrate the democratic process and the triumph of conservative principles.

I have to say, though, that these last eight years really haven't felt all that triumphant. Absent a few things here and there, they've felt slow, long, and painful. The economy has been sluggish, the regulations have been unending, insurance has gotten more and more expensive, and the liberal agenda has been crammed down our throats. Don't want to pay for someone else's abortion? Too bad. Want a secure border? We'll give you catch-and-release and not solve the root issue. Crippling insurance costs? Let's jack them up with Obamacare. Total failure. Pretty disappointing, if you ask me. Our great American families are being left behind; their cries go unheard in Washington. They need our help, they need a strong economy that can deliver their needs, and they need a receptive government.

We are determined to address these issues in a meaningful way. Eight years of Obama's leadership have failed, and the Democrats have demonstrated that they can not lead--from hysterical breakdowns in the Senate to efforts to shoot down policies that would keep America safe. It is time for a change. 

I know a man--two, really--who have proven their leadership skills in many places: the Senate, the campaign trail, and elsewhere. Senators Anthony Granata of Illinois and Adam Benson of Utah are capable, strong leaders who are eager to steer America back from her wayward path. Anthony has done a good job in the Senate pushing for legislation that will keep our communities safe, get our economy humming again, protect our country and jobs from China, and rein in federal overreach under Barack Obama. He is an ardent supporter of Constitutional rights, limited government, and strong border security. Adam is a well-spoken gentleman proficient in nuance and compromise, the kind of guy who can get things done and do it right. He is an intelligent, level-headed guy with great leadership skills, and he will be an excellent Vice President!

Ladies and gentlemen, join me in giving a warm welcome to VP nominee Adam Benson to the stage! *applause*

Utah Senator and Vice Presidential Nominee Adam Benson

Image result for chris christie speaking at rnc


Ladies and gentlemen, thank you very much for coming out tonight.

Today, America faces many challenges but we also have great opportunities in front of us.  On the challenge side, we can look overseas, at troubles in the Middle East that, though they have changed their form, are fundamentally the same troubles that have been running for the better part of two decades.  Despite promises that we would not get more entangled there, the present administration has not only not followed through on their promises of getting us out of those wars but has repeatedly sought to entangle us in yet another war, this time one where there are in many respects at best many dark shades of grey.

In the case of China, that country has evolved from a possible strategic partner into an undeniable strategic competitor.  Whatever green shoots we saw in terms of an open market economy or a free market of ideas there in the 1990s have long since been ploughed under...in some cases literally, given their handling of protestors.  We let them into the WTO and they have abused their presence there to use cheap labor, cheap currency, and various regulatory hurdles to ensure that they get all the benefits of accessing a free global market while shirking their obligations.

So let us make no mistake: Red China is neither a friend nor a partner, they are an opponent and we need to handle them as such.  They are prepared to play a very, very long game and do whatever they need to in order to achieve their objectives.  We need to pivot to counter that.

We also face a great challenge on the energy front.  Even if we discount the claims about our climate that are often brought up as alarmist, we cannot escape the fact that the countries throughout the world that sell oil on the global market do not exactly have our best interests in mind: Iran has protestors chanting "Death to America" and their leadership has repeatedly indicated that they want to wipe out one of our closest allies.  Saudi Arabia looks the other way as its royals cut checks to charities that support terrorism.  Venezuela, Libya, and so on...these are not what I would call paragons of freedom or democracy.

And we face the challenge of our global position being threatened not only by decades of disinvestment in our own infrastructure but of watching as our consumer dollars have built the infrastructure of our competitors.  While we've watched as our highways crumble and railroads are cut, we've bought shiploads of cheap stuff from China and watched as they've built tens of thousands of miles of bullet trains and built their middle class up to the point that it is threatening to swamp their infrastructure.  We're watching as American companies cut offending content from movies lest they offend them.

But each of these challenges comes, in turn, with opportunities for us to move the American ball forward.

In Syria, we can say that enough is enough: If an American chooses to throw in with ISIS, that person is a traitor and it is time to draw a line in the sand: We don't care about your motives, we don't want your excuses, we are done with you.  For too long we have punted and let people who threw in with causes like that off because they were 'young and stupid'.  Young and stupid explains why you got drunk at a party or tried drugs when you were in college, not why you joined an organization best known for cutting off peoples' heads.  To paraphrase James Bond, at some point you've had your six.

We can also set a precedent that people who do their best to fight those groups, who put their lives on the line to bring that brand of radicalism to an end on their own, get our support.  That's why, for people who have gone over to fight ISIS with other forces, we will be inclined to a lenient view as long as they haven't also joined another group opposed to our interests.

With China, we can take strong, decisive action: On trade, we can and must confront China over their abuses of the international system.  Whether it is the theft of intellectual property, abuses of international trade norms, or currency manipulation we need to use every tool we have to stop their misbehavior.  That includes retaliatory regulations and it includes tariffs to offset the effects of their behavior.

On the military front, if the Chinese will not work to stop North Korea and Iran from getting nuclear weapons, we must seriously consider providing independent deterrents to our allies in the region.  They cannot be allowed to permit proliferation among their friends and client states without facing in-kind consequences.  Likewise, we must work with our allies to enhance our collective ability to project power and defend against Chinese encroachment upon freedom.

And we must stand up against China's human rights abuses as of late.  There is no secret that they have stepped up their efforts to suppress independent Christian churches, which goes alongside their internment camps and their Great Firewall as part of an overall pattern of their government seeking to impose their will whenever and wherever they wish to.  And, I would note, that is only on the domestic front; on the international stage we have seen them channel funds into "united front" groups that take orders from Beijing in much the same way as many Communist Parties took their orders from Moscow in the 1930s and 1940s.

Ronald Reagan took inspiration from Star Wars to refer to the Soviet Union as the Evil Empire today we find ourselves starring in a sequel, wherein one such empire has been replaced by a successor that is more insidious than the first.

With energy, we have the opportunity to embrace an all-of-the-above solution: There will always be a need for oil, gas, and coal.  We must be good stewards of these resource and at the same time ensure a permanent, stable place for those industries in our economy.  But we must also embrace new sources of power, more efficient cars, and alternative fuels for reasons that go far beyond questions of emissions and health and that, at their core, are matters of national security: Do we want to be vulnerable to tin-pot dictators deciding to get together and cut us off like they did in the 1970s?  I don't think so...I'm not a fan of disco but I like waiting in line for gas even less.

No, we need to wean ourselves from the products of those countries because alongside their resources they export tankers full of problems: They finance terrorism and commit themselves to disrupting or destroying our way of life, threaten to wipe our allies out, and they do so because they know we can't turn them away.  Well, we need to be able to: We need to place ourselves in a position where we can tell them that if in the scheme of things they oppose us then their goods are not wanted and their money is no good.

Finally, that leads to infrastructure.  America has lagged behind the world for many years.  We built a great system in the wake of the Second World War: The best freeway system in the world made clear the way for that American dream we all think of.  But there were mistakes made along the way, and in the backlash that followed we over-corrected.  It has been said that we could not have built I-95 today; I would dare say that not one of our transcontinental interstate highways could have been built, or our railroads laid, or our canals dug and our dams built as we know them if they were faced with the vexatious process that has built up over the last half-century.  And that process has not only bogged us down, it has led to disinvestment both by diverting funds that should build highways and railroads and airports into the pockets of consulting firms and lawyers.  The opponents of any project have a good shot at killing it if they can drag the lawsuits out long enough, and even if they fail they still impose a cost in both time and money.

I will offer an example: Down in Florida, the East Coast Railroad has decided that it wants to run passenger trains again.  I've heard many discussions about this being an area that we should let the private sector work in.  Well, one of the counties down there is suing...and suing...and appealing.  Never mind that within that county, every single inch of the project is on land that company owns.  Every. Single. Inch.  But they are putting the force of taxpayer funds against that company, a company that wants to provide a service that people want, that will provide a driver of economic growth, and that will provide people an alternative to clogged freeways.  And because there are no consequences, they can keep suing and suing and suing under any excuse they can come up with in the hopes that they can exhaust either the patience or the bank accounts of that company.  That is an abuse of our legal system and our laws enable it.

So not only do we need to invest in our national infrastructure, rebuilding our roads, rails, airports...investing in our power grid and replacing old plants with new, better ones.  But we also need to send our defective, broken system of environmental regulations back in for repairs.  This is not because we don't want to protect the environment but because those rules have become so onerous that if they aren't reined in?  If our environmental laws are not brought to heel, they will lock us on a path to wrecking the environment because they won't let us change course...and at the same time they will let us get passed by.

I want to be clear: I do not want us to emulate China.  Their system does not respect any rights that do not exist in the eyes of whomever your local leader is at any given moment.  It is a bad system.  But the fact of the matter is that they can build a thousand-mile bullet train faster than we can deal with the review process for an interchange.

A lot of what I've said is tough.  So let me end on a more optimistic note: If we're going to compete with the Chinese, if we're going to beat them, then we have to fix our system.  We have to be nimble.  We have to be aggressive.  And we have to be bold and willing to invest in our future and we have to dream of it so we can make it happen.

So I encourage you all, now, to dream big dreams of a better tomorrow.  Think of those things that let our grandparents save the world from tyranny once, let our parents go to the moon.  And be willing to dream as they did and to take risks as they did...and with that, ladies and gentlemen, let me introduce you to the next President of the United States, Senator Anthony Granata!


Illinois Senator and Presidential Nominee Anthona Granata

Image result for rudy giuliani speaking at rnc

Mr. Chairman, delegates, republicans.... my fellow Americans..... 
It is the honor of a lifetime to stand before you tonight. Our party has come together at a time of great importance in American history. We have come to select our nominee and move forward as a united front towards November.  It is with all of our love and respect that we wish Kyle Fitzgerald and his family well in this time of tragedy.  The true measure of a man is how he handles his responsibilities as a husband, father, and loved one during the most important stages of his professional life.  We are lucky to have benefited from all of his accomplishments inside and outside of the republican party. His success is not overlooked, and his passion for our nation will never be underappreciated. 
I am not the man that the American people had selected at the ballot box, but I am humbled and ready to take on this great responsibility.  Our party has a long precedent of abiding by its nominating procedures, and even through these series of unforeseen events, we emerge with a democratically elected leader an nominee of our national republican party. 
Throughout my life, I have gained valuable experience that not only qualifies me to lead our party, but lead our nation. As a young man, I saw my city crippled by a corrupt government that overstepped its bounds that lead to a culture of pay to play. The ones who worked hard to try to get ahead were left behind. The big government corruption only benefited those who had the monetary means to participate. Small businesses were shut down or forced to relocate, schools deteriorated, ethnic communities were impoverished and left to rely on the government as a means to a way of life, not as a means to a safety net. 
I knew that the culture that was being created by liberal and corrupt policies in my city did not live up to the potential of the diverse and successful people who inhabited it. I knew that my father's success was a direct result of hard work, determination, and the idea that the free market contributes to wealth and expansion. I knew that if I wanted to be successful, I had to become a part of the solution. I was an outcast. I didn't want to keep quiet and hope that I got lucky with the right back room deal. I became an outspoken advocate for doing what was right. I fought for free markets, less government intervention, and  common sense solutions to problems that everyday people could be proud of supporting. I used my experience in business to help me run for congress, and then the United States Senate, where I served the people of my state with integrity and grit every single day. 
We are facing a time in our nation where the need to unite behind our people is paramount. A strong nation is one who feels for and bleeds with one another. A strong nation makes sure that the most vulnerable among its people are encouraged and lead into prosperity. To do this, we must reshape the way we look at our priorities. When the world looks to us for guidance and help, we need to make sure that we can provide it. The only way to effectively spread freedom and success is to live it ourselves. America needs to take care of our own before we can extend a thorough and viable helping hand to the world. This means that in every decision I make as your president, I will put America first. 
The American people have been sidelined in an effort by the democratic party to obtain an image as the party of "generosity."  The only problem is that the last people to get a slice of the pie is the American people. We have seen millions of hard working Americans thrown from their healthcare plans, even after being promised that they would be able to keep their doctors and their health plans. The Affordable Care Act was a hastily executed effort by this democratic administration to score a political win. It was presented to us in a manner that was chaotic and unsatisfactory and it has remained chaotic and unsatisfactory. A Granata administration will make sure that healthcare is workable, sustainable, and affordable. We will keep what works and get rid of disastrous measures such as the individual mandate. Only the American democratic party would fine you if you can't afford your healthcare. The new system will make sense and work for you, not the bureaucrats in Washington D.C.  
The American people have also been sidelined when it comes to foreign policy. We have been taken advantage of by China on trade. We have engaged in practices that don't give our people a fair shake. When I am president. American will win again on trade. I was proud to support legislation in the senate to even the playing field with China. 
The current administration, supported by the democratic party, has failed to reach sustainable results when trying to curb the growth of terrorism abroad. We entered into a disastrous Iran Nuclear Deal that effectively allows Iran to test and obtain nuclear weapons in the very near future. My administration will make sure that we not only explore avenues beyond economic sanctions, but include time frames in our deals to prevent the Iranian government from being semi-permanently subdued. 
The American government under a Granata administration will go further than any president ever has when it comes to North Korea. Every tool will be at our disposal in working to keep nuclear weapons out of the hand of tyrannical governments. I am willing to form special task forces explicitly dedicated to working with the North Korean government to come to a solution that puts America first, and out of danger. 
Our agenda aims to compassionately and firmly deal with many of the things that threaten our success as a nation. Our opponents hide behind the facade of inclusion and compassion. Their compassion includes leaving veterans, single moms and working people behind in the hopes of appeasing those who intentionally and deliberately break our laws, take our jobs, and live off of our hard earned dollars.  Christina Tillman opposes securing our border. She is a pro amnesty candidate who, with the cooperation of her party, will destroy the working class men and women who built this nation. Christina Tillman has empathy except when it comes to those who are the backbone of this country. She wants to strip you of your constitutional right to carry a firearm. She wants to make Christians pay for other people's abortions. She wants to return to the crippling polices of overreach and government mandates that have forced small business to board up their widows. Christina Tillman wants to bring the moral compass and economic policies of California to our entire country. 
In the face of a democratic party willing and ready to place Americans on the back burner..... tonight, I humbly accept your nomination for president of the United States. 
My friends, with common sense, true compassion and a hunger to put American first, we won't let that happen. With Adam Benson by my side I will fight for you. When our opponents fight for everyone but you, Adam Benson and I will fight for America. Let's move forward to November and forward to a new day for America. 
God bless all of you, and God bless the United States of America. 


Christopher Drake

Republican, NY-2

Speaker of the United States House of Representatives

Former Chief Administrator - Rounds 4 & 5, Evil Arch-Conservative, Frequent Republican Player


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