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Campaign Kickoff: Bill Bloom for U.S. Senate


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Good afternoon! Thank you all for coming out.

My name is Bill Bloom, and I’m here today because I’m concerned about Colorado’s out-of-touch representatives in the Senate. I’m concerned that, while policy which protects innocent children is coined as “radical,” policies which lead us closer and closer to socialism and a failed economy are being embraced. I’m concerned that Senator Powell isn’t representing moderates, conservatives, and Colorado Democrats because he’s too busy satisfying D.C. interests—he’s too committed to blindly voting in line with his party.

Like my friend from Arkansas came and said about a week ago: it is important that Colorado kick Senator Powell to the curb this upcoming election. It is time to elect a moderate Republican who will fight to support Colorado, not travel the country fighting to be Tillman’s puppet VP-candidate.

I’m prepared to take on the tough challenges faced by this nation as your Senator. I’m ready to get to work for Colorado.

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