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Joint Appearance SmL Robert Powell and Senator Christina Tillman


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Senate Minority Leader Robert Powell (D-CO)

Hello Cincinnati! Thank you for welcoming me here to the Queen City! My name is Robert Powell and I and the senate minority leader. Tonight I’m here to talk to you about infrastructure. 

The sad truth is, our infrastructure is failing. More then 25% of US bridges are failing. Over 4,000 dams are rated as “unsafe” by the American society of civil engineers. Our highways are plagued by stop and go traffic and our cities are plagued by rolling blackouts.

We must make a change to this system. If you elect a democratic house and senate, and if you send senator Christina Tillman to the white house we will be that change! We will finally make an actually investment in our infrastructure. We will create millions of jobs here in Ohio and all around our country. Jobs repairing our broken bridges. Jobs making it so we can actually drive on our roads and highways. 

We will also tackle our energy infrastructure. We will make clean, green jobs in things like building and maintaining wind farms and solar power grids. We are going to combine fighting the climate crisis and giving Americans good, high paying jobs. 

We are going to to do this. But we need your help Ohio. We need your help and your vote come November. We need your vote in the house. We need your vote in the senate. And we need your vote to send Senator Christina Tillman to the white house! Now, please give a warm welcome to the next president of the United States, Senator Christina Tillman!


Democratic Presidential Nominee Christina Tillman (D-CA)

(walks to podium, pauses, smiles, and looks out over the crowd) 

(Begins to chant) O.H. (waits for crowd to finish) Ohio! It is great to be here in the buckeye state.  We have heard Leader Powell kick off this event and introduce our topic for the evening. Tonight, we are here to talk about the foundation for our future which is improving our infrastructure across this country. Like any foundation we must ensure that it strong enough to endure with the ability to build upon it. Unfortunately, that foundation has been neglected for some time by Republicans in Congress and they have proven that they have no solution for repairing our infrastructure.

Unlike the Republicans, we have a plan for our future and the future of infrastructure. Under my administration we will invest the most assets in American infrastructure since the Eisenhower administration. We will create new jobs by updating, repairing, and expanding roads, bridges, public transportation, airports, and rail. By expanding, repairing, and updating our infrastructure we will increase the demand for U.S. steel and other materials  which will create even more jobs and continue to boost our economy. We will also create a national infrastructure bank that will provide loans and other financial assistance to those investing in our infrastructures.  These loans will be used for those companies that invest in energy, water, and transportation to list just a few examples. 

Our solutions will impact every American life in this country by creating new jobs, strengthening the environment, and making our country more energy independent. We make the United States more energy independent by using the infrastructure that we have improved and the infrastructure bank to investing in solar, nuclear, wind, and hydro-electric energy rather than continuing to be dependent on foreign oil. And most importantly with these solutions we will protect our climate. Despite what Republicans will tell you climate change is real and an improved infrastructure is the first line of defense to combat climate change. We do this by creating a better transportation system and investing in green and resilient infrastructure. 

Our greatest days of infrastructure are ahead of us. Senator Powell and I represent the future with your help we can take back the Senate and keep the White House. We must not allow those in the Republican party to bring their do-nothing policies back to power in Washington. Together we can make our infrastructure the foundation in which we can continue to build this great country upon. 


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