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Jack Stevens (R-AR) (Senate Multi)


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Character Name: Jack Stevens

Nation: United States of America (aka MERICA BITCHES)

Party: Republican Party

Home State: Arkansas

Home County: Benton County

Home Media Market: Tulsa, OK-Fort Smith, AR

Previous Job: Banking Executive, Financial Advisor
Date of Birth: January 18, 1694 (Age: 52)
Race / Ethnicity: White
Religion: Baptist
Wealth: Upper Class
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Are you married?: Yes

Which class of Senate seat is the one you're choosing? (Use this to help): Class 3
How many children do you have?: 3

Career: Jack Stevens was born in Texarkana, Arkansas, to a middle class family of five. A fairly average student in school, he worked hard to get top grades and graduated in the top ten percent of his class. He went on to attend the University of Arkansas in Fayetteville from 1982-1986. He graduated with a business degree from the Sam Walton College of Business. During his time in college, he realized his talent and passion in managing money and investing in the market. Once he was out of college, he began work at Arvest Bank in Fayetteville, working his way up the ladder until he managed multiple branches by 1989. He became territorial head of Northwest Arkansas in 1999, which he stayed at until 2003. In that year, he decided to retire from Arvest and use his ingenuity and capital to start up his own local bank: the Great Bank of Arkansas, Along with some business partners, he grew GBA into a moderately-sized bank. He was Chief Executive Officer of GBA from 2003-2013, when he stepped down to serve as an advisor and Board member only, though he kept his 45% share in the bank. Since then, in addition to his roles at GBA, he has served as a financial advisor for many business entities across Arkansas as well as being an active member of his community, volunteering at food banks and homeless shelters. 

Family: Jack met his now wife in 1985. Esmeralda "Ezzy" Perez was a fellow business student who had worked her way to UofA from even humbler beginnings as a granddaughter of immigrants from Mexico and the daughter of working-class parents in Rogers, Arkansas. They both shared a passion for business, chess, food, and sports. They began dating in 1986 and were married in 1988. They have 3 children: Thomas (born in 1990), Jasmine (born in 1992), and Winston (born in 1995). Both were active in their children's lives, but Esmeralda was even more so. Through their kids, they also got more involved in their suburban Rogers community, with Jack being a Boy Scouts chaperone for their boys and Esmeralda leading the PTO ((same thing as the PTA, by the way)) in the local school district. When Thomas joined football while attending the newly-established Rogers Heritage High School, Jack went out of his way to attend as many of his games as possible. It was a similar story with Jasmine's debate tournaments and Winston's Quiz Bowl and swim meets. Both remain active in the community to this day, despite their kids attending college and moving away. 

Politics: Jack grew up as a conservative Democrat and voted Democrat for much of his adult life. He did, however, vote for Ronald Reagan in 1984 and George H.W. Bush in 1988. However, like many voters, he switched parties in 1994 (after voting for Clinton in 1992, Arkansas REPRESENT) and started voting more Republican. Since 1994, he hasn't voted for a single Democrat for statewide or federal office. He always says that,"the Democrats left me. It was clear they no longer represented my values." His wife had a similar story, though she still voted for Al Gore in 2000, despite voting for the GOP in the House (and for Tim Hutchinson in 2002). Both Jack and his wife support conservative, pro-family, pro-life, pro-business policies (despite his more economically liberal past). 

After Tom Cotton won a resounding victory over Democratic incumbent Mark Pryor in 2014, Stevens began to entertain ideas of running for Senate to represent Arkansas one day. With John Boozman's announcement that he would be retiring from the Senate and would not seek re-election, Stevens immediately began consulting with state GOP officials, who were enthusiastic and encouraged him to run. He soon announced his plan to run for election to the Senate as a Republican in the increasingly red state. He is running on repealing Obamacare, repealing harmful regulations, protecting gun rights and freedom of speech, re-enshrining traditional values in government, ending abortion after 20 weeks (and halting federal funds to abortion), cutting taxes, and supporting agricultural and rural communities through quality constituent services and legislation in the Senate.

Christopher Drake

Republican, NY-2

Speaker of the United States House of Representatives

Former Chief Administrator - Rounds 4 & 5, Evil Arch-Conservative, Frequent Republican Player


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