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RNC Chair Michael Madison Speaks in Dayton, OH about Economy


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Michael Madison Slams Democratic Economic Policy at Dayton, Ohio “Protect the Majority” Rally 

“Hey, everyone! Dayton, Ohio: the birthplace of aviation! Such a storied city with an important past and an important present. Dayton is a hub of manufacturing, transport, innovation, technology, aeronautics, you name it. Y’all got Wright-Patterson AFB too, any airmen in the crowd? [pauses] Thank y’all for your service. You’re all heroes. 

Anyway, it’s nice to be here in the Buckeye State. Ohio is a crossroads in our nation, in more ways than one. Ohio is where businesses and goods pass through or are made to go to other places, sure, but it’s also a political crossroads. Ohio is often the decider in our Presidential elections, a swing state. I’m here to tell y’all why you should vote red this November. 

First, Republicans have taken the initiative in protecting manufacturing. The Senate, under Republican leadership, has passed numerous bills, including the Promoting More American Manufacturing Jobs Act and the Fair Trade with China Enforcement Act. We’ve taken a stand for industrial America. We stuck it to China, who’ve stolen many of our important middle-class jobs and stolen much more through unfair, illegal means.

We have much more to come with a Republican government. We will slash harmful regulations that have forced businesses to cut costs or shut down. Businesses all across the nation have been shuttered by excessive regulation. Coal miners have been told by Washington elites that their jobs are too icky, they’ve fallen out of favor with Barack Obama and his regulator army. The Democrats want to shut down good-paying fracking jobs because of their alarmist, extreme agenda. Fracking provides us with great jobs that pay well and put food on the table and money in the retirement account. Hundreds of these wells are in Ohio, but the Democrats want to shut them down because they’re “dirty”. 

We want to cut taxes and put money back into the economy. Instead of overspending and overtaxing the American people, we are going to let you keep more of your own money. We are going to let businesses invest in raises and expansions and innovation. We want to let you have more of your money to spend, save, or invest. Democrats talk all the time about putting food on the table, but how can you put food on the table when they’re always taxing you so much and taking money out of the economy? They want to ignore economics and implement disastrous policies like doubling the minimum wage nationwide. We just want to let you keep more of your own money. It’s simple and it actually works instead of just being fluff. 

So, when it comes to the economy, who are you gonna trust? The party that has presided over a painfully slow economic recovery, overregulation, increased taxes, and increased deficits? Or will you trust the party that promises to lower your taxes, unchain the economy, and protect American industry?”

Christopher Drake

Republican, NY-2

Speaker of the United States House of Representatives

Former Chief Administrator - Rounds 4 & 5, Evil Arch-Conservative, Frequent Republican Player


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