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Senator Grant Pinnacle




It’s wonderful to be here at the Colorado Republican Party HQ! Some of you might know, one of your elected officials happens to be the Democratic Leader of the Senate. But the term “Leader,” unfortunately, is a bit of a stretch...


Senator Powell has let conservatives and moderates in Colorado down. He’s spent more time in D.C. blocking legislation than he’s spent sponsoring it. He’s used more energy expanding the powers of the federal government than he’s used empowering the people of Colorado.

Protect your Second Amendment rights? Powell says ‘NO WAY’.

Lower prescription drug prices? ‘Not unless you do it with a Democrat Bill’, says Powell.


“Democratic Leadership” lacks focus, lacks purpose, and lacks results. That’s why it’s so important to finally kick Senator Powell to the curb this November. Under GOP Majority, the Senate has focus, it has a purpose, and it delivers results for the American people. Even with Democratic efforts to obstruct, Republicans under Sen. Fitzgerald’s leadership:

-  Passed comprehensive lobbying and campaign finance reform,

-  Passed economy-strengthening trade enforcement, and

-  Passed measures to make Naloxone accessible in opioid overdose emergencies.


Ultimately, it’s Coloradans’ choice to make: elect six more years of “Democratic Leadership,” or elect a Senator who’ll actually do the job.

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