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@AdamBishop: As voters in the neighboring states of Illinois, Missouri, and Wisconsin go to the polls, I'm proud to endorse the winner of the Iowa caucuses, @kylefitzgerald. He has what it takes to lead us forward and put America first. (1/4)

@AdamBishop: Not only will @kylefitzgerald fight to rebuild the American Dream for Americans who have too often been forgotten, he's already been doing that as Senate Majority Leader. Just imagine what he can do in the White House with a Republican Congress. (2/4)

@AdamBishop: As President, @kylefitzgerald will put America first in our dealings with other nations. It's time for us to stop letting the rest of the world ascend at the expense of American decline. President Fitzgerald will put an end to it. (3/4)

@AdamBishop: Iowa knows how to pick 'em, and we picked @kylefitzgerald for President of the United States. I hope voters in Illinois, Missouri, and Wisconsin, as well as the other states that will be voting, will do the same. (4/4)

Senator Holly Hawthorne (R-AK)

@HollyHawthorne | Join the Freedom Caucus!

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