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The Political Corner w/ Anthony Ludwig


Anthony Ludwig 

Detroit, MI-Toledo, OH - $4,054,382


Approved and goes public June 21, 2016.

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Hello and welcome to the Political Corner. I’m Anthony Ludwig.

Super tuesday results will be starting to come in tonight and we at TPC have some predictions and discussion to have. 


Tonight will see voters go to the polls in 19 states and DC with 919 delegates up for grabs between the four major candidates. The most major one by far is Texas, SML and delegate leader’s home state. The majority leader can be expected to claim a vast majority of these delegates much like how PPT Driscoll did in his state of Nevada, winning 17 of the 30 delegates from that state. The majority leader has also been holding multiple rallies in his home state as well as running ads in the rural parts of that state. Something to note is the 2 negative ad buys Senator Fitzgerald has brought against Illinois Senator Anthony Granata who currently sits last in the delegate race with 16, compared to Fitzgerald's 68. All of these ads have been costing the GOP candidates. Senator Fitzgerald spent nearly $50 million this cycle and Senator Benson has spent just under $37 million. This spending has drawn attacks from democrats as Senator Fitzgerald had momentarily gone into the red with his spending. Senator Calvin Ward, a democrat from Massachusetts and DNC chair said this on twitter.

“I’m not taking GOP lectures on financial matters considering the front runner can’t even keep his bank account in the black.” 

Though the campaign did eventually go back into positives, this does show how much is being spent on this race and how much mudslinging there has been after just a few months of the primary.


This attack scheme has seemed to be a common theme this election season. Following Fitzgeralds more moderate votes in the senate Granata has viciously attacked him in the media followed by negative ads in the early states. Senator Benson of Utah has also joined in on the attacking in early states, aiming them at Senator Fitzgerald in 2 instances. Though we should point out Senator Benson has remained entirely positive this super tuesday cycle. 


This brings us to our next topic. Strategy for the senators. Benson has seemed to be going for smaller, but cheaper, states to gain his delegates. Examples of this can be seen in doing rallies in Honolulu Hawaii and in Boise Idaho. Hawaii has 19 delegates while Idaho has 32. To put that in perspective, Texas has 155, which Benson has ignored, maybe conceding that contest to Fitzgerald. Some of Bensons strategy however aligns with the Texas senator’s with the focus on Louisiana and their 46 delegates as well as Virginia with their 49.  


By far the most important takeaway from today is the lack of campaigning from the Driscoll and Granata campaigns. Both campaigns have been absent on the trail drawing speculation they may be dropping out. If they are, it is probable Granata will endorse Benson while Driscoll will join the long list of endorsers of Fitzgerald.


The final segment of tonight's program will feature our predictions. 


Lets go east to west:

Maine: Likely Benson

Vermont: Leans Benson

Massachusetts: Toss up

Virginia: Toss Up

DC: Leans Benson

Georgia: Likely Fitzgerald

Alabama: Likely Fitzgerald

Tennessee: Likely Fitzgerald

Kentucky: Likely Fitzgerald

Michigan: Likely Fitzgerald

Mississippi: Likely Fitzgerald

Louisiana: Toss Up

Arkansas: Likely Fitzgerald

Minnesota: Leans Fitzgerald

Texas: Solid Fitzgerald

Oklahoma: Likely Fitzgerald

Kansas: Leans Fitzgerald

Idaho: Likely Benson

Hawaii: Solid Benson

Alaska: Leans Fitzgerald


Delegate wise, that's around 109 for Benson and around 673 for Fitzgerald with 137 toss up. If something drastic doesn’t change it looks like Fitzgerald could be the nominee. But we will see once the polls close.


For the political corner, I’m Anthony Ludwig. Thank you and goodnight. 

William C. Motter D-CO-02 (Boulder, Fort Collins, Broomfield)


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Hello and welcome to the political corner. Im anthony Ludwig. Super tuesday has come and with it some surprises as well. Most notably, the success of Senator Driscoll, who has been absent from the campaign trail as of late. Though he has not done any campaigning since south carolina, he managed to pick up 7 contests. This includes heavily contested ones like Virginia and Michigan and Massachusetts. 

A notable loser today, Senator Benson of Utah. Though he was projected to make major gains, all he could manage was 3 small contests and 128 delegates. This compared to 186 for Granata, 282 for Driscoll, and 323 for Fitzgerald. Fitz by far came away the winner, but this was expected. 1/3 of his delegates came from one state, Texas with other small wins spread throughout the deep south. Three states ended up in ties fro the delegate counts with Idaho, Kansas, and Kentucky. On our map they are shown grey.

With tonight coming to a close, the Delegate totals are as follows:

Driscoll: 313

Fitzgerald: 391

Granata: 202

Benson: 146

Unless 3 of the 4 candidates drop out this cycle, which is very unlikely, the republicans could have a contested convention on their hands. With nearly half of the delegates decided, there is still no clear winner yet. This race is by far anybodies. This leads us to the future. The next night of results will have 687 delegates up. This includes in the home states of both Benson and Granata and other big states like Florida, North Carolina, New York, Ohio, and Illinois. We could see a even bigger split when this night comes which would increase the likeliness of a contested convention. 

Whatever happens, well be there to cover it. For the political corner, I'm Anthony Ludwig, goodnight.

William C. Motter D-CO-02 (Boulder, Fort Collins, Broomfield)


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Good morning I’m Anthony Ludwig with the Political Corner. We have news breaking right this hour out of DC. Senator Anthony Granata has suspended his presidential campaign. 

This brings the crowd down to 3 republicans. This also brings about rumors of who Granata will endorse. It is unlikely he will endorse the front runner, Kyle Fitzgerald, after all of the mudslinging That has gone on in that race. Granata has in the past called for republicans to stand “against republicans who are abandoning our values.” Referring to Fitzgerald. 

Another quote from the senator referring to the Majority leader was this:

”Kyle Fitzgerald's two biggest endorsements thus far have come from Senator Christine Tillman and an anti abortion GOP senator from North Carolina. Take those two pieces of information to the bank and ask them to cash a check for conservatism. I assure you it will bounce. ”

With the most conservative candidate dropping out of the race, it’s hard to see how the republicans will get their base motivated. If they nominate Fitz, he’ll have that reputation of being Pro-Abortion by association and not being able to get anything done. In contrast, the democrats have a solid liberal candidate who has sparked up the base with promises of $15 minimum wage and fighting the climate crisis. The republicans have a moderate who’s been painted, at least to his conservative base, as not being able to get things done and as hand picked by the DNC.

But, only time will tell what happens next. When it does, we at the Political Corner will be here to cover it. That’s our show for tonight, I’m Anthony Ludwig, goodnight.

William C. Motter D-CO-02 (Boulder, Fort Collins, Broomfield)


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Today Senator Harvey Ross voted for the No Taxpayer Funding for Abortions Act. He previously said this about the bill:

this bill is nothing but an attack on individual liberty and the right to chose whatever you want. The government should have no say in wether or not you get an abortion. I am disgusted and disappointed by my colleagues in the GOP and stand firmly against this bill.”

This has been taken by the democrats to mean he Is a flip flopper. But can you blame them? He said he was against the bill then he voted for it. When asked for a comment Senator Ross said this to The Political Corner:

“Honestly those comments were out of place specifically because of the contents of the bill. The bill doesn’t have limitations on cases of incest, rape and a threat to the woman’s life and so for that I decided to vote yes.”

When presses further on if he actually read the bill he responded with the following:

“No I did (read the bill) but I left myself no time to think about and speak with my colleagues about it.”

So it appears Senator Ross read the bill, jumped to a conclusion, without thinking, then spoke about it based on those false assumptions. After that he changed his mind after speaking to his party leadership. So either way he voted in favor of a bill he said he opposed. Then it looks like he was whipped into shape by the GOP leadership. 

Whats undeniable is that the dems will jump on this as soon as possible. For them, this shows disfunction and flip flopping in the GOP ranks while for them, their caucus has been unanimous on nearly every vote.

William C. Motter D-CO-02 (Boulder, Fort Collins, Broomfield)


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Good evening. I’m Anthony Ludwig. Tonight’s story is on presumptive republican nominee, Anthony Granata. Senator Granata has recently been under fire by democrats for comments he made in the past apparently saying the left were nazi’s. Here’s what he said:

Under my administration they'll be protected from the destructive policies of the left who move closer and closer to adopting a national socialist platform every day.”

National Socialist. For those of you who don’t know, Nazi is just short hand for national socialist German works party. When first accused of this by Senate Minority Leader Powell, Granata seemed to deny it and ask for his source. When Powell linked the video of his rally, Granata didn’t deny it, instead choosing to push it further. 

I asked Senator Granata about this exchange in person at the press gaggle near his plane, he said he didn’t believe they were Nazis, despite saying so earlier. When I pushed him on the topic, he refused to answer the question and kicked me out of the press conference.

This is a major party nominee for president calling his political enemies Nazis and kicking reporters out of press conferences for asking about his statements. 

We will keep asking him the tough questions whether he wants to answer or not. 

Thats our show for tonight, thanks for watching and goodnight.

William C. Motter D-CO-02 (Boulder, Fort Collins, Broomfield)


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Hello everyone, I’m Anthony Ludwig with the Political Corner. Tonight’s topic is going to be voter fraud and voter ID.

To start let’s gets those definitions out of the way.

First is voter fraud. Voter fraud is essentially pretending to be someone else to vote. This could be so you can vote twice or so you can influence and election in one way or another. 

Second is voter ID. Voter ID is a tool used to supposedly prevent voter fraud. It used a system of photo ID like a drivers license or passport to ensure the identity of the voter. 

9 states currently require a strict photo ID to vote, 23 require or request some other sort of ID, be it a utility bill with an address or a student ID or a VA ID.

These laws sound common sense, they sound like they are needed to keep elections fair and free. It sounds this way until you look at the facts about voter fraud.

In a study of all votes cast between 2000 and 2016, it was found that only 31 has serious chances of being made under fraud. 31. 31 in the span of 5 presidential elections AND 10 house and senate election AND various local elections AND special elections. Most voter ID supporters cite other numbers claiming hundreds of instances of fraud. But when those claims are checked, what’s actually found are various clerical errors like sons having the same names as their father or people dying after sending in an absentee ballot. Once you eliminate all of those from the numbers, you can see only 31 cases. 

But so what you say? What’s the harm in voter ID, we all have ID’s. That assumption is actually not true. Around 11% of Americans don’t currently have government issued ID. That’s around 21 million people. According to Nate Silver of 538 this can effect voter turnout by up to 2.4%. That doesn’t sound like much but if John Kerry had won 2.4% more of the vote, he would’ve beat Bush in 2004. In 2016 if President-Elect Tillman had had 2.4% more votes she would’ve carried Arizona and Georgia and would’ve been within 1% in both Alaska and Texas. These laws also aren’t old, the first voter ID law was passed in 2006, only 10 years ago! 

And these votes would almost entirely go to democrats. 25% of African Americans do not have government issued ID. In 2012 the broke for Obama 93-6%. This is compared to 8% of whites not having ID, mostly poor, young, or older Americans, who also vote Democrat. This is why you almost exclusively see Republicans championing these bills.

But supporters often claim that voters can just go and get government issued ID’s for free. However, though the cards themselves are free, it can still cost up to $175 to obtain one with travel fees and fees to get things like a birth certificate. Offices are also few and far between. In Texas voters have to go up to 170 miles to get to the nearest ID office. To put that into context that’s longer then the state of Indiana. Indiana is 140 miles wide! So there would still be 30 miles to go! 

But if you still don’t believe these laws are only designed to screw over democrats, take it from the sponsors of these bills themselves.

GOP Pennsylvania House Majority Leader Mike Turzai: “Voter ID, which is gonna allow Governor Romney to win the state of Pennsylvania, done.”

and Former Florida GOP Chairman Jim Greer: “It’s done for one reason and one reason only ... ‘We’ve got to cut down on early voting because early voting is not good for us,’”

They admit that it is just a method for them to win elections. They suppress the vote so they can win. 

But if you want to talk about actual voter fraud, look not further than the 2002 Alabama Governor election. Incumbent Democrat Don Siegleman lost that election by just over 3,000 votes, or .23%. But initial results showed Siegleman winning that election. He had given a victory speech that night and the AP had called the race blue.

But in Baldwin county, election officials conducted a recount of Democratic observers had left. The republicans controlled election officials then reported new vote totals showing Siegleman with 6,000 votes either going to his republican opponent or vanishing entirely. When asked to repeat the recount with observers, republicans refused. Remember, Siegleman officially lost by just over 3,000 votes. The republicans literally changed the numbers of votes! Now they claim that they want to protect against voter fraud! 

The republicans are hypocrites and both factually and morally wrong on this issue. For 1, they claim to want to prevent voter fraud when they themselves commit it. All this while only 31 votes over 16 years were found to maybe be a result of voter fraud. They are trying to prevent people from voting so they can win. That is their strategy. If people won’t vote for us then they don’t vote at all. 

Thats all for me tonight. Thank you for joining us, goodnight and good luck.

William C. Motter D-CO-02 (Boulder, Fort Collins, Broomfield)


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