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Detroit for the 20th century was a crowing jewel of the American worker. Calvin Ward and I return to this great city to discuss an issue that is important for the future of our country. That issue is the support of labor. The Democratic party has always been the party that supports working class America. Our country is the strongest when our workers are strong, however Republicans in Washington disagree. They continue to wage war on the American worker. They fail to bring legislation forward that would raise wages across this country and they have introduced legislation that would end unions. Every chance they have to support you and your families yet they choose not to. 

First and foremost, as President I will veto any legislation sent to my desk that weakens labor in this country. This includes the "Right to Work" law that is sitting in the Senate hopper right now. We must protect the constitutional rights of workers to organize and collective bargain. We will fight to bring companies to the table to negotiate higher wages. We will enact legislation that will protect American jobs by creating incentives for companies to keep jobs here rather than outsourcing. Together we will strengthen the middle class again by supporting labor. 


More to come....


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