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Minimum Wage


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Talking Points: 

Colorado has a 8.23 minimum wage. (2016 there is a ballot measure that makes it 12 by 2020)

Alabama, Idaho, Indiana, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, New Hampshire, North Carolina, North Dakota, Pennsylvania, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Virginia, Wisconsin, and Wyoming all have minimum wage set at the federal minimum. 

A living wage would be 15.12 per hour in 2015


The minimum wage does not provide a living wage for most American families. A typical family of four (two working adults, two children) needs to work nearly four full-time minimum-wage jobs (a 76-hour work week per working adult) to earn a living wage. Single-parent families need to work almost twice as hard as families with two working adults to earn the living wage. A single-mother with two children earning the federal minimum wage of $7.25 per hour needs to work 139 hours per week, more hours than there are in a 5-day week, to earn a living wage




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Senate Minority Leader Robert Powell (D-CO)

Hello everyone and welcome to the mile high city! 

Today I want to talk to you all about the minimum wage. The minimum wage, simply put, is too low. Our minimum wage here in Colorado is at $8.23, about a buck higher than the federal wage. Though our state has the wage set higher than the federal it is still not enough! In order for a single mother with 2 children to even get by with enough money to make a living, she’d need to work 122 hours a week. And that's just at minimum! To put that in perspective, there are 120 hours in a full, midnight to midnight, 5 day week. This is wrong. This is wrong both morally and economically.  


Simple economics suggests that, when the consumer has more money, they will spend that money. When they spend that money businesses will grow and hire more workers to repeat the cycle. If we want our economy and our middle class to survive and thrive, we have to fight for a $15 minimum wage. That's why I and your next president, Christina Tillman, have introduced the Minimum Wage Act of 2016 to increase the minimum wage to the point where it is a living wage. Where parents don’t have to work 2 or sometimes even 3 jobs to put food on their kids table. Where Americans don’t have to worry about if their check will clear before or after their paycheck is deposited. Raising the wage will prevent all of this from happening in the future.


But want more evidence? Look no further then states who have their minimum wage set at the federal level. In Mississippi their poverty rate is 1 in 5. They have a low wage. Louisiana is also 1 in 5. They have the low wage. So does Alabama and their rate is 1 in 6. So is Oklahoma’s. These states are plagued with poverty because republicans won’t raise their wages. 


The facts show that we need to raise the wage. Once we do that, we will lift america's economy and we will give the middle class that boost they so desperately need. But you won’t get this from republicans or from candidates like Kyle Fitzgerald or Perry Driscoll. They don’t want to raise your wages. They don’t want to help boost Americans out of poverty.


That, ladies and gentlemen, is the main choice you have this election season. Vote for democrats like me or like Senator Tillman who want to lift you out of poverty and make middle class lives better, or you could vote for the GOP. The party that want to do the exact opposite of that. They want to give all of your hard earned money to the richest 1%. Come November, let's show them that we won’t let that happen!


Democratic Presidential Nominee Christina Tillman (D-CA)

Denver it is so great to be here with you this evening. I have the distinct privilege of being here with my good friend and Colorado's own Robert Powell. Senator Powell and I have been working extremely hard to fight for every day Americans such as yourselves in the United States Senate, but Republicans have no made it an easy task. Robert has told you about the legislation we sponsored in the Senate, what you may not know is that legislation is a core value of my campaign for President. That legislation is the Minimum Wage Act of 2016 which raises the federal minimum wage by increments over the next 6 years. This legislation will provide an avenue for millions of Americans to receive a living wage. Studies show that for a family to make ends meat the adults in the household have to earn above $15 dollars an hour just to stay above the poverty line. Single mothers working minimum wage would have to work two jobs equating a week work just to meet this mark when she should be at home raising her children. In a day and age where corporations are making record breaking profits it is deplorable that the American worker doesn't make enough income to be over the poverty line. There is no earthly reason why in 2016 we have families living below the poverty line. Robert said it best just a few minutes ago when he said this is  not just an economic issue, but it is a moral issue. We have an obligation to the American worker to stand up for what is right. All we are proposing is an avenue for Americans to be able to live the American Dream. 

Unfortunately, Republicans across the aisle will not bring this legislation to a vote and they will not sign it into law if they take back the White House Republican front-runner instead introduces a legislation that repeals the estate tax and promises to lower the corporate tax. We have seen these type of proposals in action under President Bush and it lead us to the great recession.  These proposals ignore the issue and provide tax relief for the Walton Families of the world. 

 I can tell you Colorado the days of ignoring the issue and pandering to big corporations are over. We can not allow the economic gap between the top 1% and working Americans to continue to grow. The American people deserve leaders that are willing to stand up to corporations. Leaders that will not ignore the issues that face this country. I am committed to making sure this legislation passes and with your help I will sign it into law as your next President of the United States. America deserves better, the people of Colorado deserve better, and I am going to make it better. I can not do it alone so come November vote to send my friend Robert Powell back to the United States Senate. 


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