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Grant Pinnacle | Statement on Senate GOP Action


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Senator Grant Pinnacle



Hey, I hope all of y’all are doing well today.


I’m not here to gloat, but rather to express how proud I am to be part of the party that is committed to fulfilling our representative duties.  I’m here to express thanks that, while the Senate Democratic Leader shamefully plays “who’s Bill is longer” and repeatedly attempts to cram last-minute-legislation onto the Senate Floor, the Republican Majority is keeping its focus on the American public.


Eighty percent...  Eighty percent of the legislation introduced in the Senate this session has been from the Republican Majority.  This includes Bills which strengthen our security and protect your individual liberties.  Bills which create manufacturing jobs and reform lobbying and campaign finance laws. Bills—like Sen. Madison’s “Kate’s Law”—which would protect Americans from dangerous migrants like Juan Lopez-Sanchez, who so mercilessly murdered Kathryn Steinle (a California native) after his fifth illegal breach into the United States.


Americans: you have seen the Republican Majority work, lead, and represent; but have only seen the Democratic minority obstruct, obstruct, and obstruct.  This November, I hope you continue to support the party that has its focus on YOU.


God bless y’all.

Congress & Supreme Court Admin

Admin NPCs:
Rep. Derek H. Gray (D-TX-20)

Speaker of the House & Democratic Party Chair


The Hon. John Roberts

Chief Justice of the Supreme Court

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