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Powell Talks Drug Prices


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Today we have seen yet another shameful vote from the republicans. This time they have chosen to put drug companies before americans by voting down the Lower Americans Healthcare Bills Act, or LAHBA. Not a single republican has explained why they voted this way. This bill they just killed would have greatly reduced drug prices in america by fostering competition and by having the Department of Health and Human Services make sure prices aren't excessive.

The republican plan to lower prices might as well not be a plan at all. This is the republican bill:

Holds up single piece of paper.

If you take away the definitions and title. The bill is one section, one sentence. This is the democrats bill:

Holds up stack of papers

11 sections without definitions and title. Even worse, the GOP bill puts more power in the drug makers hands to control prices. It makes an exemption to antitrust laws that makes it so insurance companies and drug makers can conspire to set prices. This big pharma has been controlling the prices for the entire history of our country. That is why we pay up to 288% more per capita then in other countries. Developed countries like Sweden have price controls. The government lowers the price so people don't die because they can't pay for their medications. People who can't afford their insulin are dying because they try to ration to avoid going bankrupt. 

The republican plan is a weak excuse of a solution to this problem. It will not lower drug prices. What it will do is it will keep filling to pockets of Big Pharma and it will make it so people will keep dying. 

Our democratic bill would've forcibly lowered drug prices so people won't die. The bill would've helped put America back in the number one spot in healthcare. It would've made it so americans could spend less money on drugs and more on things like shopping at small businesses and going on vacation. 

My fellow americans, don't forget come november how the republicans voted to keep your drug prices unbearably high. Don't forget how their plan was to let Big Pharma decide the prices and how their plan was shorter than the menu at Olive Garden. Don't forget how they care more about putting money in the pockets of wealthy drug companies and not about keeping money in the pockets of everyday americans. Remember this all come election day and vote for the party that cares about you.

William C. Motter D-CO-02 (Boulder, Fort Collins, Broomfield)


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