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Game Guide (Round 1)


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Welcome to Global Politics Simulation! In this ambitious game, players are invited to create and play as a politician or societal influencer in various countries around the world. At the beginning we will start with the United States and expand as more players join.


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General Rules

There is certain behavior that all players are expected to exhibit. Even though we're discussing controversial issues in this game, all players are expected to uphold a certain level of etiquette with all other players and admins both IC and OOC. Failure to abide by these simple rules may result in IC and OOC penalties as decided by the admin team on a case by case basis, perhaps even resulting in a permanent ban from the community on the first offense. Members of the admin team have the right to warn, suspend, ban, and/or take other appropriate measure against any member for behavior on the website at admin discretion, even for the first offense. Enforcement of these rules is not limited to behavior on the website itself, but rather is extended to all GPS-related communication. The admin team reserves the right to edit these rules without notice and apply them retroactively as necessary and proper.

Expected Behavior

  1. Don't be a dick. All members, including players and admins, will attempt to interact with one another in a respectful, healthy manner. Provoking other people and other trolling or harassing activity will not be tolerated.
  2. Do not mislead the admin team in any way on any subject.
  3. Players are only permitted only 1 GPS account (though a single account can operate multiple characters). If any other person on the same IP address (i.e., siblings) is going to create an account and play, the admin team must be notified prior to registration. Both players would need to be in the same political party. Furthermore, any collusion between multiple accounts (even if controlled by separate people) for the purposes of taking advantage of the game is against the rules.
  4. Players that are permitted to have more than one character cannot abuse that privilege by knowingly and blatantly coordinating their IC actions in an unrealistic manner. A player is not allowed to transfer funds from one character they control to another for any purpose.
  5. Do not use this website to post any material which is knowingly false and/or defamatory, inaccurate, abusive, vulgar, hateful, harassing, obscene, profane, sexually oriented, threatening, invasive of a person's privacy, or otherwise violative of any law.
  6. Do not post any copyrighted material unless the copyright is owned by you or by this website, or is otherwise permissible for use.

Other Fine Print

  1. Our software uses cookies to distinguish you from other users of our website. This helps us to provide you with a personalized experience when you browse this site.
  2. Please remember that we are not responsible for any messages posted. We do not vouch for or warrant the accuracy, completeness or usefulness of any message, and are not responsible for the contents of any message.
  3. The messages express the views of the author of the message, not necessarily the views of this website. Any user who feels that a posted message is objectionable is encouraged to contact us immediately by email. We have the ability to remove objectionable messages and we will make every effort to do so, within a reasonable time frame, if we determine that removal is necessary.

IC / OOC Distinctions

In-Character (IC) posts are ones made by your character in the game world. Out-Of-Character (OOC) posts are ones made by you, the player. With the exception of the OOC forum and replies in the Characters forum, all posts made in any other forums are considered IC. This includes party war rooms and other private meeting rooms. Leaking of private IC information will be met with realistic IC penalties and (in extreme cases) perhaps OOC penalties as well. On a case by case basis, penalties associated with leaking may or may not be insulated to the leaker(s) themselves.

Meanwhile, all Private Messages and off-board communication is considered to be OOC unless explicitly marked otherwise or as part of an admin-ran event.

Game Calendar

Typically each IC month lasts for 4 OOC days. Each day in real life is considered a new week IC with there only being 4 weeks per month. This means that each IC year would last for 48 OOC days. At the end of each IC year the game goes on a slight two-day pause to allow players to step away for a moment, give admins an opportunity to prepare for the new year, and to maintain coordination among all countries represented in the game. For your convenience, the admin team keeps important dates and deadlines noted in the Calendar.

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Once creating your character and it is approved by an admin, you are a full member of the Senate. Welcome! These rules will serve as an overview of the game. If you have any additional questions, please don't hesitate to ask in the Cloak Room.

New Characters

To create a new character go here and create a new topic with your character's bio using the New Character Template. After you have posted your new bio, an admin will approve your character (usually within 24 hours). Be sure to refer to the Senate Roster when planning your character as Senate seats are reserved per party. A player can only play in the Democratic or Republican parties, there are no Independents or 3rd Party options.


All characters are assigned attributes after they are approved by an admin. Each individual attribute is capped at 100. Attributes can be increased through Campaign Schedules (see below).

  • Experience -- Represents the professional accomplishments of the character.
  • Name Recognition -- Represents the familiarity of the public with the character.
  • Wealth -- Represents the character's fundraising base.
  • Charisma -- Represents the character's ability to move an audience.

Player Scandals

In real life, everyone has a skeleton or two in their closet. This is especially true for those who reach the highest levels of his or her country's political scene. Your character(s) are no different. All characters are encouraged to submit one (or more) unknown scandals about his or her character. To submit a scandal, just send a Private Message to a member of the admin team (likely @Bruce ) detailing your character's checkered history. Your scandal(s) will then be assigned a numerical value, providing significant boosts throughout the game but particularly during elections. A character with a clean history will more than likely be fighting uphill in any election they seek. A character's scandal can only be uncovered if a media tycoon successfully researches it (see below), and even then it involves a great deal of chance. Most character scandals are never exposed before the end of the round.

Party Switches

Characters are permitted to change parties, but all realistic IC consequences will apply. While war room masking will be immediate, leaking in this situation is more likely to be met with harsher consequences.

Activity Requirements

If a player goes an entire RL month without making an IC post, his or her character(s) will be removed from the game and their Senate seat will become available to new players. Votes do not count towards these requirements. The President, Vice President, Senate PPT, SML, SmL, Party Chairs and Committee Chairs will be considered inactive if he or she does not make an IC public post for 7 RL days. On a case by case basis, he or she may just lose their areas of responsibility and may not automatically be signed out.

Multiple Characters

Players are permitted to have multiple characters within the United States only for specific purposes:

  • Senate (this is the default starting point for all new characters)
  • White House (including POTUS, VPOTUS, WH staff, and Cabinet members)
  • Supreme Court (if nominated by the President and approved by the admin team)
  • Media Tycoon (see below)
  • Minigame characters (if available)


The activities of a politician do not begin and end on Capitol Hill. Players are encouraged to communicate with one another and with their constituents in the Press Office forums. Participation in these forums is used for admin news commentary, approval ratings, to influence public opinion, election prepolls, and many other purposes.

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Media & News

In most modern democracies, the ability to play the media like a fiddle is a key strength of any prospective politician. All characters should participate in the Press Offices forums in order to keep your name in the minds of the voters. Additionally, all players are invited to create a separate media tycoon character. As explained below, media tycoons directly influence public opinion by delivering news and commentary to the public. 

Official News

As things occur IC, the various news agencies will deliver the news to the public (and in most times, you). These news agencies may be operated by the admin team or by media characters. The way the news is delivered greatly impacts how the public perceives the situation making media tycoon characters very influential if successful.

Media Characters

All players are permitted to create one media tycoon character in the country he or she currently plays (in Round 1 just the United States). To create a new character just post a new bio as a new topic in the Characters forum using the same New Character template. All new media tycoon characters begin with $5 million to purchase broadcasting rights. It is assumed that each new media agency will begin in just one media market and expand as the agency generates a profit. Profit is generated each IC month per media market based on that agency's effort, quality, activity, and reputation in the previous month.

New Story Research

Though not always, often the admin team will feed important game news to a particular news agency that has researched it, giving that agency a great business advantage by being the first to break the news and thus can control the narrative from the beginning. If you already own a media agency via a media tycoon character you can post research requests in the New Story Research topic. Research efforts can target a political issue, local news story, character scandal, etc.

Approval Ratings & Media Polling

Media agencies are also permitted to purchase up to 10 polls per election turn by posting the purchase alongside campaign schedules from other characters. These polls should use the same process as if it were a candidate purchasing the poll (see below for more info). Polls by media agencies may include questions regarding public opinion and also approval ratings for any character within his or her home state. Polling costs are the same for news agencies as for other characters.

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U.S. Government

All players playing in the United States have a character in the Senate but the entirety of the federal government is simulated with approved player multis and by the admin team with player actions in mind.

Senate Leadership

At the beginning of each new session of Congress, both parties should internally elect their leadership in the Senate. The majority party has a PPT, Majority Leader, and Majority Whip. The minority party would elect a Minority Leader and Minority Whip. The Majority and Minority Leaders also then appoint a Chair and Ranking Member of each committee respectively.

Senate Rules

House of Representatives

House votes are derived from player votes in the Senate on a proportional basis. The number of seats is based on the House election held every 2 IC years. When the PPT calculates votes for bills in the Senate, he or she will automatically post the House results as well. Only if a bill passes both the House and Senate can it be forwarded to the President for his or her signature or veto.

Executive Branch

The President is the leader of the executive branch and in many way shapes how his or her administration will function. Each player is permitted just one character in the executive branch, and must be appointed by the President (or their designee). There are 5 Cabinet positions (Secretaries of State, Defense, Treasury, Interior, and Attorney General), but the President may also appoint players to their staff. Cabinet secretaries generally require confirmation by the Senate. There is no limit to the number of players the President appoints to his or her staff, but there is not separate masking for each position (merely one blanket Executive Branch masking plus the use of password-protected forums or private meeting rooms).

Judicial Branch

The Supreme Court is controlled through a group of admins to bring fairness and representation of political views to Capitol hill. The admins as a whole group will decide the cases and will write decision summaries. As the game goes on, the President may be requested to nominate a new justice to the court. At the discretion of the admin team, this nominee could be a player multi.

PACs & Lobbying

At the beginning of each Congressional session, the admin team will create a balanced number of pertinent lobbyist groups to represent. In an effort to realistically represent the demands on members of Congress from various organizations, the groups will make demands of players, reward with donations, issue public statements, participate in elections, etc. Many times, demands from various groups will conflict with one another forcing you to choose what is best for your constituents. Additional groups may be added during a Congressional session as IC needs require. See the K Street forum for more information.

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As a politician, elections are an important part of your life. During each election, 1/3 of Senators face reelection (according to their Class) and the entire House faces reelection every 2 years. Outside of formal elections, all characters can submit short schedules in preparation for their next election. Mid-session campaign schedules are limited to only fundraisers, attribute upgrades, HQs, PI purchases, and polling. Rallies and ads can only be held during official election schedules.

House Elections

House Elections will be every two years and is decided based on each party's performance in the previous Congress, coattails from other elections that cycle, general roleplaying efforts, zeitgeist influence, and several other factors. Players do not directly campaign for the House election. 

Senate Elections

All Senators face reelection, 1/3 each election cycle according to their Class). When it's your turn, you may be challenged by a NPC or even another player. All players not already participating in an election that year is invited to create a multi character to run for Senate seats. If you win with a multi candidate, you'll need to abandon either that multi or your Senate character as each player can only control one Senator.

Presidential Elections

Every 4 IC years, a Presidential election will be held. This starts long before the end of the Congressional session to allow for a full primary schedule. 

The Democratic primary utilizes a system of superdelegates. For this game, superdelegates are endorsements gained from other Democratic Senators and GPS community members that do not play with a U.S. character. Superdelegates from Senators receive a multiple of 10 (meaning that each member casts 10 superdelegate votes, but they must all be for the same person). Meanwhile, GPS members that do not play with a U.S. character casts just 1 vote. Each primary season a topic will be created for superdelegates to post their endorsements as a reply. Superdelegates may change their vote at any time before the beginning of the Democratic National Convention.

No later than the Convention turn, the Presidential nominee from each party should select a Vice Presidential nominee for the General Election. There are no Independent candidates for President except by invitation by the admin team. 

National Conventions

National Conventions are an opportunity for each party to highlight their agenda and nominee for President. After one player from each party has achieved the majority of delegates, the primary is completed. When characters drop out of the primary race, they may choose to endorse another candidate. Though all delegates remain committed until after the first ballot of the Convention, the candidate being endorsed will receive momentum points.

If no candidate achieves a majority of delegates after all primaries have concluded, the nominee will need to be selected at the convention. During each round of voting, all candidates retain control of their delegates whether they have dropped out of the race or not. The first round of voting will be the results of the primaries, but in subsequent rounds all players should vote again until we have a nominee. Each party leadership and Presidential nominee can post additional Convention information for RP, but it is not required.

There are no official Conventions outside of Presidential election years, though players are free to RP equivalent events on their own.

Campaign Events

During each turn, all characters are invited to spend a certain number of hours on the campaign trail, allocated both per character and per party. No schedule may go over the allotted number of hours but not all hours must be used. Players should submit each turn's schedule by replying to the appropriate topic in this forum. To maintain secrecy until after the deadline, all posts in this forum are kept hidden until after the deadline.


Fundraisers (2 hours) -- STATE REQUIRED
By holding fundraisers, characters can get donations to their warchest. The success of a fundraiser is based on the character's Wealth attribute, his or her polling, and a random number variable. Each fundraiser will generate between $0 and $100 million. A character may not hold more than 2 fundraisers per turn. The fundraiser must be held in a particular state as each state has a tier based on the wealth of that state.   Each time you fundraise in a specific state, the effectiveness of the fundraiser will slowly become less effective.  A player can have no more than $500 million cash on hand at any time among all characters they control.

The traditional campaign event where your candidate gets on stage and recites his or her stump speech. While the player does not need to post a speech, he or she must include the county where the rally is being held and which voting bloc (Conservatives, Progressives, or Moderates) is being targeted. Campaigns are permitted to target more than one voting bloc, but the impact of the rally will be split between the targeted voting blocs. Rallies do not cost any money and there is no limit on the number of rallies a candidate may do in the turn so long as he or she has enough hours to spend. 

While I will occasionally post public polling information, these public polls have a margin of error of 5% and are only posted sporadically. However, each campaign can conduct their own polls which have a margin of error of only 1.5% The results of these private polls will be PMed to the candidate at the conclusion of that turn. Each county and state has its own polling costs according to the chart below. Polling per county is available for $50,000 for each county, regardless of size. A player may not conduct more than 10 polls per day. By default a poll will include the total of conservatives, progressives, and moderates in the state, but one of these could could also be targeted for a more specific poll.

Media ads are vital to any campaign. While the text of the ad does not need to be written, each ad must either be a positive or negative ad (if negative, it must target a specific candidate). Ads also must target at least one voting bloc (conservatives, progressives, and moderates). Ads are permitted to target more than one voting bloc, but the impact of the ad will be split between the targeted voting blocs. A player cannot run the same ad in multiple media markets. In other words, you must spend an extra 15 minutes per ad plus the monetary cost of the ad. There is no limit on the number of ads a player may run in the turn so long as he or she has enough hours and money to spend.

Attributes Upgrade (15 minutes)
Candidates may spend 15 minutes and $2 million to upgrade one attribute by one point. A candidate is limited to no more than 4 upgrades per turn.

Campaign Organization (0 minutes) -- TIER AND STATE REQUIRED
Ran statewide with set costs per the three tiers found below. Boosts your support among all voters and increases turnout in all counties. Organization is per turn and you can fund org in a maximum of 20 states per turn.


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