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Senate Dems Roll Out Bill to Lower Prescription Drug Prices


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Today we have rolled out the Lower Americans Healthcare Bills Act. This bill does a lot of good things to help lower drug prices for Americans. For far to long we have paid hundreds and often thousands more than in other developed countries. 

For example, Humira, a medication for arthritis costs nearly $2700 in the US. In Switzerland it costs $822. Nearly $1900 cheaper. Americans are going bankrupt. They have to ration their pills and this is making them die. Our broken healthcare system is killing people. We need to fix it. That’s exactly what LAHBA will do.

First, the bill will allow the FTC to deter “sham petitions” that drug companies use to slow down and block cheaper, generic drugs from being put out onto the market.

Second, the bill allows generic drug makers to more easily test drugs to make it so they can be sold to Americans sooner for cheaper.

Third, the bill allows the Department if Health and Human services to expedite the generic drug counterparts to “excessively priced drugs” or drugs that are found to be more expensive then their counterparts in other developed countries like Canada or Germany. 

This bill is what Americans need. We need drug prices to be affordable. We need to stop killing people because they can’t afford lifesaving medicine. We need to pass this bill and we need to get back in first place as a country.

William C. Motter D-CO-02 (Boulder, Fort Collins, Broomfield)


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