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Christina Tillman Rally for Healthcare Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania


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Thank you Pittsburgh for hosting this rally for me. Since I announced my Presidency, I have had the distinct honor of traveling this great country, visiting our amazing citizens, and discussing issues that impact the daily lives of everyday Americans. Tonight, we are here to discuss an issue that is dear to my heart and one that impacts each and every one of us. That issue is healthcare and our ability to make it more accessible and affordable for all. Over the last 8 years we have made significant progress with healthcare with the Affordable Care Act becoming law, however there is much work left to be done. 


Under our current system families spend more than a 3rd of their household incomes on healthcare costs. Yet for the United States having the best doctors, hospitals, and medicine in the world, we still lead the world in healthcare spending. Many wonder what are the drivers of healthcare costs and what can we do to fix it. Tonight we will discuss my vision for combating the high cost of healthcare. Here are some facts you should know about healthcare costs. We also lead the world in preventable chronic conditions that often go untreated until they are exasperated which drives up the costs of healthcare. These conditions include arthritis, asthma, diabetes, and high blood pressure that could lead to stroke or heart attack. We also lead the world in unnecessary trips to the emergency room for issues that could be treated by a primary care physician. These trips cost the healthcare industry 100s of billions of dollars of unnecessary costs each year. Now let’s talk about our seniors. Our seniors can not afford the medication that their bodies need because of the prices for drugs are outrageously expensive. These Americans worked their entire life just to retire just to find they need a second career to pay for medication that they need. This system does our seniors an injustice. Our children are likely the most impacted by our broken system. Unlike most adults, our children are completely dependent upon the healthcare standards given by their parents, but because of the high cost of healthcare many go sick because their parents can not afford the costs associated with treatment even with health care insurance. I can tell you that this is not a reality I enjoy telling you about, however for us to fix the issue we must first identify the problems. 


As President, I will bring our healthcare standards to levels that match our abilities and we will have the best healthcare system in the world. I have a six point plan to get us there.  First, we must lower the prices of medications for all Americans. Pharmaceutical companies make billions, while children and seniors go without medicines that they need. We will enact legislation that will lower prices by allowing greater competition among pharmaceutical companies. During my term as President, we will lower prices to levels that you can afford.  Second, I will protect and strengthen the Affordable Care Act by not allowing some in congress to repeal the law. The ACA makes coverage available for Americans that would not have access prior to passage. Tens of millions of Americans would go uninsured if we allowed for the ACA to be repealed. Let alone we must not allow for Congress or White House to reverse the pre-existing clause. For far too long, private insurance companies could discriminate against those Americans most in need of coverage by jacking up prices on premiums. No Americans will ever be denied insurance because of a preexisting condition again. Third, as President one of my first acts will be to legalize medical marijuana. Medical marijuana is one of the safest forms of medicine in our country and has so many uses that it only logical that we legalize it at the federal level. By legalizing medical marijuana we can start to combat the opioid crisis we have in this country. Fourth, I will be proposing a tax incentive for those that see their PCP for their annual check ups and incentivize not using ERs for primary care, but for emergency use only. Fifth, I will be expanding funding for HUD, SNAP, and Medicaid to help more of those in need. One of the leading causes of poor health is unstable living environment and we will help those improve it where we can. Finally, I will be creating a commission of the greatest minds in this country on ways to tackle the ever increasing number of chronic conditions in this country. This commission will include physicians, hospitals, and insurance payers.  


Healthcare is not a partisan issue and it should not be treated as such. This is an American issue that impacts each and every one of us. Tonight, you have heard me discuss some approaches on how we will continue to fix our system.These solutions can only be accomplished with your help. Tonight, I ask for your support not just as the Democratic Nominee for President, but also a wife, mother, and daughter. Help me bring us together as a country. Let’s tackle this issue of healthcare together. Let’s show the world that we are stronger when we work together rather than when we are divided. Thank you and God bless the United States of America. 




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