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Grant Pinnacle | Endorsement for GOP Presidential Nominee


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Senator Grant Pinnacle




Hey, y’all! Thanks for that warm welcome. It’s, of course, always good to be back here in Iowa!


I’m gonna be honest with y’all...D.C. is pretty rough.

- It’s filled with gridlock, and a shameful disinterest in moderate, American values.

- It’s stained with corruption, with politicians filling their pocketbooks through taxing the hell out of yours.

- It’s threatened by power—power that’s constantly sought by those who are simply unprepared to use it.

Unfortunately, D.C. just doesn’t work for the average American like it used to. It’s because of poor leadership in the White House, and a poor focus in the halls of Congress. This needs to change if our country is ever gonna get any better.


America’s next President needs to be a proven leader with a track record of putting America first. I’m confident that Senator Kyle Fitzgerald is the guy who can fix our government and put power back in the hands of the People. Now I’m not just saying that based on something from his website, I’m saying it based on his history of successful leadership in the chaotic District of Columbia.


Every second Fitzgerald spends in Washington is to promote American prosperity. You can tell, because he’s doing one of the best jobs at it. While many of my colleagues only talk about what they “plan” to do in office, Fitzgerald

- introduced the Regulatory Relief Act, which would reduce federal overreach and tremendously benefit small businesses across the country;

- passed the Naloxone Accessibility Act, a major first step to targeting and ending the opioid epidemic we see shadows of all across this state and my home state of Arkansas; and

- passed the Fair Trade with China Enforcement Act, which will finally stop China from ripping us off in international trade and bring business back here to Iowa.


And that’s just the start. President Kyle Fitzgerald will be a transformative leader, and will exemplify the conservative values of small government, the right to life, and the protection of all of your Constitutional rights. I hope y’all fight for him as hard as he fights for us by getting out and voting Fitzgerald in the primary and general elections.


Thank you all, and God bless.

Congress & Supreme Court Admin

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Rep. Derek H. Gray (D-TX-20)

Speaker of the House & Democratic Party Chair


The Hon. John Roberts

Chief Justice of the Supreme Court

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