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Powell Talks About 9/11 First Responders Bill


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Today we’ve seen yet another travesty from the republicans. This time they have committed it against our brave first responders on September 11th. For coming up on 15 years now these heroes haven’t had congress to have their backs. Now when we finally have the bill on the floor and ready to pass, the republicans are destroying the bill by only extending it 10 years. They are just punting it down the road so they don’t have to deal with it. The original text of the bill protects the compensation fund until the year 2090, long enough to guarantee it will do its job fully. The amendment, that sadly looks like it’s gonna pass, will only support it till 2026. 2026 vs 2090. A 64 year difference. 

Its clear the GOP is only doing this to punt it down the road so it can be used as another political pawn. We should all remember this come November.

William C. Motter D-CO-02 (Boulder, Fort Collins, Broomfield)


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