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Fitzgerald Talks Trade in Rural America


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Webster City, IA

Howdy! It’s great to be here today in Webster City. Thank you for that welcome. One thing that I really love about this state are all the small towns. Small towns are the fabric of America. I grew up and lived much of my life in a small town. Unfortunately, living in small town America has become harder and harder for many years. In a lot of small towns, one manufacturing employer supports the whole town, just like the old Electrolux plant did right here in Webster City. The Electrolux plant here made appliances and employed thousands of people. But in 2011, the plant shut down and all of those jobs were shipped straight to Mexico, a direct result of NAFTA and our globalist trade policies. This is a story that has been played out in small towns all over America. Factories have been sent to Mexico and China, while opioid addiction fills the void left behind.

We can do better for rural America, and as President we will do better. As a Senator, I already passed into law legislation that will protect American manufacturing, the Fair Trade with China Enforcement Act. Between 2001 and 2015, the U.S. lost 3.4 million jobs due to our trade deficit with China, and this legislation does several things that will protect American companies and workers from Chinese trade violations. The bill prohibits the sale of national security sensitive technology and intellectual property to China. It increases taxes on multinational corporations’ income earned in China at a rate similar to the lost value of stolen intellectual property and technology. It cancels an income tax treaty signed in the 1980’s and taxes China on their investment in the U.S. – including their holdings of the national debt. It prepares duties and imposes Chinese investor shareholding caps on U.S. companies producing goods targeted by the Made in China 2025 plan. And finally, it prohibits the federal government or subsidiaries and contractors from purchasing telecommunications equipment or services from Huawei and ZTE – state-owned Chinese telecom companies. 

Passing this bill was just the first step in the fight against China and other countries who are ripping us off, taking our jobs, and stealing our wealth. As President, I will impose further tariffs on the Communist Chinese regime as a negotiating tool to get a better deal for American workers. I’ll put tariffs on China and any other country caught manipulating their currency. I’ll put tariffs on steel and aluminum – two industries with significant employment that are vital to our national security interests. I’ll put a 15 percent tariff on all outsourced goods coming back into our country. The days of a multi-national corporation being able to shut down a plant in a town like Webster City, move it to Mexico or some other country, and sell goods back into our country while undercutting American manufacturers will be over. If you want to outsource, you’ll pay a price. And finally, I’ll renegotiate the disastrous NAFTA deal that has cost our country over a million jobs – many of them right here in Webster City. If our demands aren’t met, I’ll walk away from the table and terminate the agreement.

For far too long, the leaders of our country have left places like Webster City behind in their quest to give our wealth to multi-national corporations and the governments of foreign nations. It’s time for that to stop. As President, I will fight for places like Webster City. I will fight for the forgotten men and women who live in places like this all across America. Thank you for your support, and God bless America!

Former President Kyle Fitzgerald

Three-Time Republican Nominee

Nobel Peace Prize Winner

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