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Granata for President - New Hampshire Stump Speech


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Thank you New Hampshire!
I am excited and energized by all of you here who support our campaign to make sure the GOP nominates the right candidate. We have watched as our party leadership has become soft and ineffective. We have watched our leaders cower to our liberal opposition and embolden them to push their agenda onto the American people. The current  leadership has thrown in the towel amidst their own quest for power.  They have embraced party members who look at our efforts to end abortion in "disgust." The actual term used by Senator Harvey Ross, who was the FIRST major endorsement of Kyle Fitzgerald. My friends, if that doesn't wake you up to what's going on, I'm not sure what will. 
It is time we choose a leader who will represent our values without hesitation. One who will repudiate comments like the ones of Senator Ross, not embrace them. It is time we nominate someone for president to lead this party to success through all available channels. Someone who will give each and every conservative member a voice. Someone who will recruit new leadership to the party and encourage open discussion among all its members. Someone who will DEFEAT the liberal agenda that threatens us as a nation, not allow it to grow and govern from a minority. 
It is time we nominate someone who's going to work to build better deals that benefit America on the world stage. Someone who will commit to finding better solutions than the failed economic sanctions on North Korea. We need to stop unfair trade practices with China and withdraw from the disastrous Iran nuclear deal immediately. 
It is time we nominate someone who's going to build a better America from the ground up, starting at home. We need to get rid of the individual mandate  killing low income individuals. We need to cut the tax brackets and increase the standard deduction.  As your president I will repeal and replace Obamacare and pass a tax cut and jobs bill that will bring our economy to highs never seen before. 
We need a republican candidate to stand up to Robert Powell in the Senate when no one else seems to want to take that on as a responsibility. We need a president who can manage a national conservative agenda and see it through the senate, house, and onto the desk in the oval office without becoming tainted with liberal amendments and pork. 
What we have isn't working. It is time to shake it up. I am confident that we can do it and it wont be without your help. Let's nominate the right person to beat the democrats in November and stand up to them beyond that when they try to stifle our pro-America agenda. 
Thank you all!


Republican of Florida

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