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MAGA Rally on Immigration in Des Moines


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How are we doing folks? Lets hear it, what do we want to do? MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN! Very good, very good. I want to talk to you today about something quite serious, and that is the problem illegal immigration is for our great, beautiful country. A few days ago, just south of here in Missouri and over in Kansas, an illegal immigrant went on a killing spree, an killed some very fine Americans. Folks, this is some dangerous stuff, we have people crossing the border and committing heinous crimes, rapes, murders, robberies, and assaults, each and every day. It's gotta stop and its gotta stop now! President Obama has done nothing, the Democratic nominee, a liberal from California, will do absolutely nothing to protect your families from folks who wish to do us harm. The only person that will make a promise now to keep America safe is me, and I'll make pledge right here, and right now.

When I am President we are going to build a border wall on the US-Mexican border. A long, beautiful wall, that will keep this riff raff out of our country. Wait for it, here's the best part. We're going to build a wall, and not a single penny of taxpayer money is going to be used, because Mexico is going to pay for it! That's right folks, with all of the illegal immigrant criminals we have in our country, we will be able to fully fund a border wall through asset forfeiture and we will do it! We're also going to reinforce the border patrol to ensure they get all of the tools that they need so we can reach a goal of ZERO illegal immigrants coming across the border. If people want to come to our country, they need to do it legally, and when I'm president, they will! Thank you! 

Senator Lonnie Kennedy

Senator from New Hampshire (2009-)

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