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Joint Press Release by Senators Tillman, Driscoll, and Granata


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Republican Senators Tillman, Driscoll, and Granata: Continuous Motions to Suspend are Irresponsible 
This afternoon in a joint press release, senators Robert Tillman (R-LA),  Perry Driscoll (PPT - R- NV),  and Anthony Granata (R-IL) reiterated their opposition to continuous motions to suspend senate rules by the minority leader. 
Sen. Tillman
I don't think it should come as a major surprise to us that the vast majority of the American people are not particularly interested in senate procedure and how things get done in Washington, DC. We should get that off the table right away. What is clear to me, though, is that these rules and processes are important to the way we do government; they ensure that things are run in an orderly fashion, that questions are given ample time for consideration and that the will of the people is carried out. Part of the rules of the Senate are that we only deal with so many pieces of legislation at a time and that the legislation which hits the floor are pre-selected, giving Senators a reasonable amount of time not only to read the bills, but to do the necessary background reading to be able to make an informed decisions for which they must answer to their constituents.

Recently, Senator Powell of Colorado has introduced a flurry of motions to attempt to bypass this important procedure and have several of his bills come to the Senate floor. If we set the precedent of bringing three or four bills to the floor on a whim at every docket, we run the risk of complete legislative pandemonium. Furthermore, it makes it impossible for the legislators in this land to do their due diligence on the bills they need to debate and pass. It is true that there is a mechanism in the Senate rules to suspend the rules and bring a bill directly to the floor for debate, but I believe that this mechanism must be used sparingly and cautiously in order to deal with a situation which requires immediate and urgent attention. In the case of the myriad bills pushed by Senator Powell, none of the bills meet that criteria. If we are going to truly govern this country well, then Senators of all parties must respect the time-honored processes involved in setting the legislative agenda and passing bills. Senator Powell has made it his singular mission to thwart those mechanisms and, as such, has betrayed his duty to his constituents, to the Senate itself, and to the country. 
President Pro Temp.  Driscoll
Senator Powell needs to understand the American people wish to see the United States Senate do they job they were elected to do. We were elected to scrutinize bills to ensure there is no waste so that taxpayer money is not wasted. Senator Powell needs to understand that the Senate has due process and his ways of attempting to force his agenda on the American people will not be tolerated any longer. If he wishes to set the agenda, he needs to win control of the Senate. Until then, if he wants to add something to the docket, he should approach Republican leadership, which he has failed to do thus far. We would be absolutely glad to work with him to ensure these bills pass, as long as their is a proper debate.
Sen. Granata
I echo the sentiment of my colleagues. In order to maintain the structure and precedent of the senate it is important that we give due process to important legislation. It is one thing to pass a bi-partisan proclamation or directive, but that isn't what we've seen. No matter how much support we think a bill might have, it deserves due process. The three of us are committed to providing this due process, and will not support Senator Powell's haphazard initiatives to pass legislation in this manner. We ask that our fellow members join us in preserving this fundamental process. 
Thank you. We will not be taking questions at this time. We would ask that any questions be directed to individual press offices. 


Republican of Florida

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