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O'Malley announces Presidential bid

Rusty Russ

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Wisconsin Senator Tyler O'Malley announced he will run for President in 2016. A transcript of his remarks are below.

"For too long, America has been allowed to fall. Factories shuttered, healthcare costs skyrocketing, less transparency in our government. The American Dream is today rightly looked at as just that, a dream. And yet, despite the trials they face, the American people are still told to be grateful for the life they have, to simply endure the world they face. But I am tired of this. I am tired of seeing families abandoned by the politicians who claim to represent them. Of being told that asking for more is not allowed or is too much."

"Today, I speak for the Americans left behind by our government, those abandoned by our leaders. And I say on their behalf, enough. Enough with being abandoned by our so called leaders. It is time for the working people to have someone who truly represents them, who understands their pain and their suffering. And today, I announce my bid for Presidency. I announce it before America, before my family and in full sight of my God."

Senator Tyler O'Malley (D-WI)

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