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    • Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Official Media Mid-1946 Cairo—His Majesty the King ratified, on behalf of the People of Saudi Arabia, the Charter of the Commonwealth of Arab States. This Charter establishes a strong social, economic, and military union among the following Arab states:     - Saudi Arabia     - Syria     - Transjordan     - Iraq     - the Lebanese Republic     - Egypt     - Yemen Further, the Charter aims to empower and support all Peoples of the Arab states, especially our friends in the Free State of Palestine. The KSA looks forward to serving, leading, and protecting our Commonwealth. View full article
    • The Australian March 25 1946 PM Allen Announces radical worker reform plan to Union Leaders - Today before heading to parliament to reveal his parties new "pro-worker" work place reform plan the Prime Minister gave a speech before the leaders of various unions at a luncheon stating quote, The Prime Minister then headed off to Parliament where the debate shall no doubt rage fiercely.  (Prime Minister Phoenix Allen Adressing Union leaders) View full article
    • The Australian March 10 1946 Australia National Airline Plane Crashes- Today just a few short hours ago an Australian National Airways plan a Douglas DC -3 which was scheduled to fly from Hobart to Melbourne crashed today less then 2 minutes after take off in the ocean. All 25 passengers and crew were killed in the crash currently there is no word or indication as to what caused the plane to crash however the Prime Minister has announced a full investigation into the crash lead but the department of civi aviation. And while this has calmed nerves slightly over 500 airline tickets have been refunded resulting in at least 5 flights being canceled due to a lack of passengers with many more expected.    View full article
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