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    • There has to be some way to keep those archives. I can probably help financially or technically. I would just hate to lose them. 
    • Divided U.S.: @Bluto Each player will start out with absolutely zero resources that once belonged to the United States i.e. Military ships, planes, equipment, etc. military bases in states no longer in the United States have been closed and each nation has a debt of 5 billion U.S. dollars for each former U.S. state they now own.  When you register a nation you will along with giving a name to your country will be required to submit a budget (as done by percentage) here is what the U.S. budget looked like, by percentage in a pie chart for individual state budgets please look that up yourself.     For example your Budget could look like this: A problem that would arise right away would be that social security would probably take a big hit everything has consequences. Furthermore if you have a surplus of energy or food you can trade with your neighbor or sell to your neighbors.  Reply with the following info. Bio: Nation Name: Type of Government: Color (From Attached Map): Capitol: Budget (In percentage): Military: Health: Food & Agriculture: Transportation: Social Security, Unemployment & Labor: Energy & Environment: International Affairs: Housing & Community: Education: Government: Science:    
    • PGA Tour Minigame: @Jewell Prior to the start of the 1960 PGA Tour, there will be two events played: the 1959 Azalea Open, and the 1959 Masters. Your golfer may play at the Azalea Open, the Masters, both, or neither. Bear in mind that the Azalea Open may tire your golfer out before a big tournament like the Masters, and it has lower prestige, but it is a much safer bet to play in the Azalea Open than the Masters, especially due to the fairly high chances of missing the cut at the Masters, and the fairly high chances of placing very well at the Azalea Open. Please contact me prior to the first round of the Azalea Open (date TBA) regarding which option you will choose with the Masters and the Azalea Open. With the Masters coming up, I'd like to introduce a roleplaying aspect to the game: deals! How will deals work? Essentially, occasionally, (especially after good performances in tournaments or just before a major championship) I will contact you with a list of possible endorsers to provide your apparel and clubs, have their logo on your golf bag, and do ad campaigns with you. With the Masters hopefully beginning tomorrow or Saturday, I'll have deals sent out by tomorrow, and would appreciate a response fairly quickly. Good luck in the Masters! Any questions about deals, the Masters, the Azalea Open (congrats again @Sovereign!), or the game in general may be directed to me on Telegram or through the Q&A Thread.        I would like to clarify that you may sign up at any time, but signing up before the first event ensures you get a ranking.
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